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    There has been a lot of press coverage about the new season of Love/Hate and I wonder what ye think about it?

    I think its an excellent programme, very well made and with superb actors.

    The way people are reacting to it, I wonder if they are forgetting that its not real and is only adrama? It may seem very realistic but its just fiction. Do you think people are getting too upset about it?

    And as for the cat – it was not a real cat! I cannot understand why so many people went crazy over the cat. There were queries about whether a cat had actually been killed. Is it just me, or is that mad? Surely anyone watching would know, it was not real?

    And if anyone is offended, then why don’t they switch off? No-one is being forced to watch it!


    Love it but was a bit disappointed with first episode though it would have been very hard for anything to live up to expectations. Cant believe what they have done to tommy, thought that was bordering on the ridiculous to be honest….though i heard a few people say its a ploy so that he could get his revenge on nidge which i think would be a good twist.

    As for the cat, i couldn’t believe the animal welfare groups,thought that was taking it too far. Its not a kids programme so it cant be accused of influencing them anyway how many people have a machine gun handy for next time a cat annoys them?!


    I’ve only watched series 1,2,3 in the last few weeks but was dying to see the start of series 4. Think maybe there well may have been a wee bit too much hype. my hubby’s comments after sunday – was "that’s the slowest episode of all we’ve watched" – I do think it’s brilliant to see something finally so well made in Ireland. the whole cat thing and people complaining about it was totally stupid – eh what about the fact the child had a gun, or the murders in the show or the drugs or the rape no no they complain about the cat!!!!!!!! yes it was gruesome but it is a TV show after all. There will always be someone somewhere with something negative to say. Re Tommy – lellykelly hadn’t heard that but would be a good twist alright 😉
    Will leahy has had me in stitches going home – especially on Monday – he kept playing clips of Tommy asking for the orange – and of nidge saying Jason was a dogs name – but you could hear him almost giggling himself!


    I think Tommy is A-OK and will get his own back on Nidge. He did not really want a ‘Fizzy orange’!! :wink:

    The cat debate rages on all over the place – let it go people, its not real!! Madness!!!

    Excellent TV show, very well put together, looking forward to next week. Think it was good it was a tad slow, it needs to build up to climaxes.


    I think its a great show and was really looking forward to its return. There was huge coverage and hype about it and I do think the first episode was a little disappointing, but think I expected too much.

    Will still be tuning in every Sunday night!


    Great episode last night. They really know how to build the tension.

    Fran is a scary character. It was so tense when he took Tommy….great acting from all involved.

    Heard its been sold to a cable channel in US – hope they don’t re-make it as an American version, its brilliant the way it is.


    I record love hate – watch downtown and then switch over so i’m a few minutes behind……..didn’t I blooming read on twitter what happened with fran and tommy just before it happened……serves me right for doodling on the phone while watching TV! 😉

    Heard that about it being sold -heard something about theactor that pulled out of playing Dorian Grey is being lined up to play Nidge – so sounds like a remake —–can’t see that working

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