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    Is anyone else sick of the loud TV adverts?

    There is a couple around on tv at the mo. Without warning car horns are blasting from your tv, a man starts roaring at the top of his voice or music extremely loud blasts out!

    We get our three kids to bed around seven, sit down and re-claim the tv. Switching it over from the kids channels, all of a sudden sooner or later without warning an advert comes on waking our kids.
    We always keep the volume at a normal level but such is the high volume of the sudden played advert, it has us racing for the feckin’ volume on the remote.
    Apparently Americans are feeling the same thing. So much so, they are introducing a law to cut this annoying and disruptive crap out.

    Legislation is being brought forth that would require the Federal Communications Commission to bar commercials from being broadcast at louder volumes than the program material they accompany. It’s called the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act, or CALM Act.

    "Excessively loud television commercials are annoying and drive families away from quality programming," Senator Wicker said in a news release. "This bill is a common sense approach to a problem that plagues individuals across the nation and will create a more enjoyable television experience.

    I wish they would do something like that here.

    Its pisses me off that WITHOUT warning a screaming person or repetitive car horns are blasting from our tv, especially at kids bed times onwards! :evil:

    Its one thing to be watching a film or programme that is full of loud bangs and crashes, etc, you adjust the volume for this and leave it low but when your watching normal shows like the news, quizes, etc, volume at a normal level that you can hear them speak – they take a break, you get up from the sofa to go do something then suddenly you have to race back because a feckin car horn is blasting from your tv speaker again and again at very high pitch! Way above the previous normalised sounds of the tv programmes you were watching.

    I have gotten so annoyed at some of them, I had to email the related companies and complain. I suspect I am not the only one that has done this.


    This does my head in (not that it wakes ds but it just gets far too loud) I find tv3 is terrible for this, you would have the tv on at a normal level then when the adverts come on the volume almost doubles

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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