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    anyone been watching lost and watched the last episode….and still lost???
    seriously i’ve wasted 5 years watching this programme trying to find out what was the end and so lost…..lol….


    Everyone is the same!!!! Still lost….


    it’s so bloodyannoying……aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


    thank god i gave up after first series – dh stuck with through 2nd series but even he gave up!
    Heard alot of people giving out about the ending


    I thought it was amazing, I have watched thisshow from the start and wasn’t disappointed with the ending.

    I think a lot of questions were not answered though which although annoying still leaves the audience thinking..

    The acting was wonderfull and it made me cry in many parts especially when Claire and Charlie remembered each other..

    The script writers always maintained this show was about the characters as opposed to the island and the ending just compounded that.

    I think as a viewer you should take from Lost whatever you want and don’t try to over analyze every little detail and look at the overall picture..

    Which for me is Love and Fate.


    totally agree with happymumblemum…. think it was a great ending..after thinking about it allll day. I got up at 5am and watched it on Sky, and cried my eyes out, esp when sawyer and juliette, and charlie and claire all met up again! when it was all over i was going mad at the lack of answers given, but after thinking about it all day (and a 60 min phone call to go over it all with a friend) decided it was a great ending, just can’t believe it is not on anymore, only programme i have ever stuck with for the duration….miss u already LOST!!


    yeah it was a good ending, but really it was a let down, i did always maintain that they were dead and in limbo…but still wanted more….i too did like the fact that claire and charlie and aaron got to be a family again, also sawyer and juilette, and sun and jin i cried watching them die the week before then this time realising that they would both experience their child together….really bernard and rose were the first to realise that they were dead but alive when they were on the island, remember that when rose was well and if she left the island realised that they would not be together…

    did ya notice they didn’t have michael and his son (the kid with the dog)

    someone said on the radio today that it was the turn of events seen through the eyes of the dog….lol…as he was with them the whole way through as he turned up at different times and was there when jack died…

    but it was just not a great ending really, question…did ben go in or not, why didn’t he what was he there for? but it’s true in away that everyone meets people along the way throughout their life for one reason or another some make an impact and others are just there…interesting though for the philosophers in us… 😉


    Ben Didn’t go in as he didn’t feel he had redeemed himself for all the horrible things he had done …

    Daniel Faraday too should have gone but his mother didn’t want to let him go yet so selfishly she stayed in Limbo with him…

    Don’t look to deeply for answers ..I don’t think there are supposed to be any real concrete ones only the story of good/ evil..love/hate ..fate etc…

    Also I do reckon that the writers " Lost " their way during the middle seasons but we can gloss over that and pretend it was all part of the big picture.

    Oh and I think Desmond is an angel of God..

    Another show ended last night "24" I have watched this too for 6 years, not quite as difficult ending but sad all the same.

    Yes I have no life!!


    ah i understand now…yeah think you’re right about desmond…..

    ahhh hate that when things finish, we have all the 24’s on boxset will have to rewatch from the start…lol…

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