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    Yesterday evening I was coming home from Blackstone Motors in Drogheda (near Tesco and TLT) and somewhere between there and my house in Bettystown the license plate fell off the back of my car.

    I have driven back over the whole route twice at a snail’s pace but could not find it.

    If anyone sees a license plate, please let me know, it would be so great to find it.

    I am currently trying to find out about getting a new one printed from the garage but while I am waiting on them to come back to me,in meantime, thought I would ask ye to keep and eye outfor it.

    Its just one thing after another here at the moment….I was only in the garage because my drivers seat is broken, it will not move forward & back anymore!!!


    Found a place that does replacement ones for 12 euro, so getting it in the morning.

    Do I need to report it lost?


    I feel for you. Nearly same here. DS3 realised only stuck on, not screwed on & arrived in to the kitchen with it a few days ago. Is not bolted on…

    Think I’d report it to be on the safe side…


    be sure to report it….sometimes they are stolen and put onto other cars for criminal activity

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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