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    Hi all,

    I am researching why women feel the need to lose their baby weight quickly.

    Is it because of the celebrity culture we are surrounded by?

    Is it because we compare ourselves to others and want to do it as quickly if not quicker than other women we know?

    I would really like to hear from some mums who went to extremes to lose their baby weight to understand why we put this pressure on ourselves.

    Please reply with your comments about why we do this to ourselves or please PM me if you have a story to share,

    Thanks so much,


    I was in hospital having my last little fella 2008. I went home when he was 4days old after a section. The doctor who did the final checks on myself made the comment ‘ you could do with loosing some weight, have you ever thought about it?’.
    I really thought I was hearing things. okay, I have never been skinny but how demoralising is that after having a baby. I bit my tongue but what I really wanted to ask HER was how many babies had she given birth to and would tha tbe her big priority on day 4 after giving birth? Instead I just said ‘of course I’ve thought about it…..show me a woman who hasn’t’. But if that had been my first baby and a female doctor made that comment it could have really hurt deep. Luckily it wasn’t my first and to be honest after the rocky start my little lad had coming into the world nothing mattered only he was coming home.

    Oh yes….you’ve guessed right she was only a little slip of a thing herself!


    OMG mummy5 🙄 , I cannot believe she said that to you, after just having a baby, that is disgraceful !!!

    I wiuld have reported her, the wagon 😆


    I feel the need to lose my baby weight because of a different number of things
    1. watching stick thin people in magazines and on tv doesn’t help your self esteem after have a baby, especially if said person just had a baby the same time as you and is a size 8/10 in a week 😡
    2. going shopping and seeing nothing nice in your size because if you under size 14 there is loads but after that nothing!!
    3. doctors saying you need to lose weight at your 6 week check up
    4. wanting to fit into something that isn’t a tracksuit or a tent…
    i’m going out for a night in april and i’m dreading shopping for clothes for it, its too depressing trying on things that you like but won’t fit you
    even though i’m a size 14 and 5ft 2ins (estimated) i’m not exactly huge
    it just drives me crazy!


    There is pressure alright and you do tend to think that you’ll spring back into shape.

    Pregnant – I ate for two, literally, put on a pile of weight then couldnt get into any of my clothes – so i have done the crash diet thing as i dont want to wear tracksuit bottoms anymore and i cant afford to buy new suits for work.

    its a mans world 🙁


    There is alot of pressure to loose weight so quickly and its not right!
    When I had my check up after having my DD nearly 5 years ago, she said to me that I am bigger than when I was first with her and I could do with loosing weight…. DD was only 13 weeks and I thought I was doing ok!
    This time, its still difficult and it doesn’t help when another family member practically sprung back to her size 8 straight away (she had her DD 6 days before my son.) She looks great, just makes me feel frumpy!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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