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    Hi everyone,

    im new to Mumstown so forgive me if i do anything wrong! :D

    i am from Dublin originally, moved down in 2006, had met my BF in 2004 and he is from Drogheda anyway, my parents moved down so i came with them and have now bought a house in Drogheda with my BF and we have a 17month old son now… i work in Drogheda full time, mon-fri 9-5. i have found it extremly hard too meet new ppl in drogheda, i am kind of shy but not overly i would start a conversation and that. just never seem to be in the right places to meet new ppl.
    at the moment i’m down to 2 friends (one my aunt but same age…)
    after moving from dublin it was very hard to keep seeing my friends from dublin as everyones life was taking different paths and my BF’s friends in Drogheda were, to say the least, HORRIBLE to me!!
    it used to upset me but now i know i wouldnt even want them as friends, really not nice, ugly (inside) ppl!

    anyway sometimes it can get very lonely when BF is working, works 12hr shifts & sometimes weekends & nights! seem to be noticing it more now as one of my friends just had a baby & still lives in dublin so dont get alot of time to do things anymore..

    was wondering if there is anyone else in this situation or if anyone can suggest any places to meet new ppl.. BF is great and we have great fun together but its not the same as having a few girls around!

    Thanks in advance for ur replies! :D

    Shel x.x.x


    Hi Shel

    Welcome to Mumstown, you definately have come to the best web site around 😆

    You mention that you work full time, so that kind of rules out Mother and Todler type groups which are generally run in the mornins durin hte week, so I guess you are looking for ideas for the weekend and evenings!

    Excuse the list type of thing but just thinking as I am typing… also all info on the following can be found on Mumstown, or online elsewhere I am sure!!

    Drogheda – Aura Leisure. Pay as you go , lots of different classes to do evenings and weekends lovely pool and ym

    Fun Parks such as Astro Tots, and Funtasia Drogheda at the weekends , very easy to get chatting to other mums at these places.

    Scotch Hall days – Mothers Day special day coming up , loads of free events sponsered by Mumstown- bound to be loads of mums to meet

    Drogheda Playground- / feed the ducks – again full of mums sitting bored watching kids dying for a chat.

    Getting to know people through this web site, join us on Inane Chat 😀



    thanks for that!! 🙂

    can you tell me what Inane Chat is please??


    It on the National Chat page..inane chat is our thread just for gossiping , usually always some one in there, just log in and say hi, dont be shy!


    sorry i cant be of much help where to find friends im orgianlly from drogheda and my friends are all from school. ive moved house and i know NO ONE, everyone keeps to themselves, which thinking about it is a good thing as last thing i want is noisey neighbours 🙂

    you can meet friends on here, some of us meet for t once a month through talking on here.

    its a very friendly place.

    also most of us are on bebo or facebook, Mumstown has its own page on them too if you want to add us as friends.


    Hi thanks for that tip.. just looked at the Mumstown Bebo page, have been on that a while myself 😀

    im the second one on their friends list "michelle" if anyone wants to add me 😀

    is Mumstown on Facebook aswell.. i’ll have to have a search for that 😀


    i had a goo at your page hahahaha i know your boyfriends sister, they used to live up beside me when i lived with my parents 🙂

    small world eh 🙂


    hi michele and welcome to mumstown
    i’ve nothing to suggests on making friends other than what was suggested already, all my friends moved away or have there own children or jobs so i know how you feel
    i only have 2 close friends my sister and my cousin
    i got to a playgroup each week or else i’d go nuts with 4 small children at home 🙄
    good luck hope you get to make some good friends here in drogheda
    i’m on facebook and bebo if you want to add me i’m joanne rudd


    my god u’s are multitalented ppl!! keeping up with more than one thread at a time!! i’ll have to get my act together! 😀

    Yummy, oh right, yeah Michelle is it? he has two sisters but M’s the oldest…. It is indeed a small world!! 😀

    Hi Joanne,

    thanks for the add… internets down all day keeps coming and going!! AHHHHHHHH!! my god ur some woman 4 young kids!! all the respect in the world for u i struggle with one, seem to be so tired all the time and he’s 17 months so getting independant as it is!! 😀


    yeah 17 mths is an interesting age they get into everything
    mine are 4yrs, 2yrs, 15mths and 7 wks
    the 15th old is the worst you have to watch her like a hawk
    they do tire you out but i wouldn’t give them back 😀
    my internets slow today too takes ages for my pages to load


    Michelle yeah, we used to hang around for a few years, she mad!!!!!

    ill add ya now, the more the merrier 🙂


    Yeah she is mad alright!! although shes calmed down now alot from when i first met her!! 😀

    shes in Ardee now with her bf and got alot more quieter!! 😆

    will log onto bebo now.. 😀


    havent seen her in a cople of years i must say haha but glad to hear she has calmed down 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    So are my ears!! lol… 😀


    hey shel, sorry to hear about you BFs mates..God that sounds awful..You must feel so alone down here..I never moved far from my family (im drogheda born and bred!) so I can only imagine how isolated you must be. In a way I can relate to what you mean though. I have a great bf and we both have kids, but Ive only a handful of close girlfriends. One of which ive known since we were 3.. she would be the only one I speak to regularly. But as she has four children we seldom get to go out together! I would still like to make more friends too. I joined westgate gym and made some new friends there..I have to back and renew my membership, I wouldnt mind if you wanted to come along and meet some people too…I look forward to hearing from you..[/b]

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