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    we are looking for a desk for our son’s bedroom so he can do his homework in peace without his sisters driving him nuts!!

    It would be handy to have one with drawers and a chair and maybe with a bit of colour.

    any suggestions welcome.



    ikea perhaps? they normally have a few good things….


    you cant beat ikea for things like that… great quality and great prices


    Hi Sabbi,

    We make our own desks here at Hodgins Furniture.
    They start from €45 and come in white, cream, beech or country pine effect.
    We also make desks that have 3 drawers in the above colours and start from €115.
    Finally, we sell a cute little grey/red desk & chair called ‘Casper’ that would suit a child of primary school age. The set is €79.
    As usual everything comes assembled free of charge!

    Hope this helps.


    Checked IKEA, they have none.

    The Hodgins ones look great and made locally, will go for one of them. Like to support Irish when possible, as long as its good value, which they are!

    If anyone else is looking for a desk, check out these pics, very reasonable prices too:


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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