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    Hi everyone!!!!!!

    I’m looking for girls clothes for my daughter. She is nearly 2 . I can buy ( if not very expensive). Thanks!!!!!!


    hi my little dd is 2 she was 2 in july ill have look in her wardrobes see if anything is 2 small for her my dd keeps growing out of clothes. did you try heatons clothes up thre are really cheap and good quality fit them for ages. wat size shoes is she in.


    Thanks. She is in size 6 or 7.( shoes)……
    I have a look on heatons on weekend. 😉


    ah if only i’d seen this yesterday! just handed a bag of clothes into charity shop today… my dd’s 3 now… theres bound to be more clothes in hr wardrobe that she’s grown out of so i’ll sort through them and let you know


    Hi Girls,

    Hi Si 🙂

    im still working sometimes for the irish cancer charity shop even i had already "quit" i just love working for that shop 🙂

    and i just want to let you know that we always get lovely babies,toddlers,clothes,toys, and etc sometimes we gets prams too, you be surprise how much it only cost you.

    theres always something nice for everyone babies,mummies,daddy grandparents, for every walks of life is just like a Magic Shop wink:

    On sat i was there, and this young man walked in straight 90 degrees and head to the Man’s section and he instantly picked out a nice shirt and he picks one lovely blue tie, and he went into our changing room and When he walks out woohoo i nearly want to play take my breathe away haha hes so dashing with his suit on hehe now dont get me wrong im already married just admire the scenery for a few mins… 😮 :mrgreen: 😛 8)

    he revealed later that he was actually on his way to a wedding 😛

    just let any of the staff know what you are looking for and we be glad to serve you 🙂

    and you cant get that elsewhere with such good qualities and price .
    Remember its only availble at shop street Irish Cancer Charity Shop with our Blue door Open from every mon-sat 10am -5pm except public holidays.

    Happy Customers Come Happy Shopping Done 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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