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    hi all,

    i am looking for some brass or silver ornaments you know the type your granny may have had, i am raging we had had a good clear out about 5 yrs ago and everything was chucked…roll on and now i would like to introduce the children in montessori to these polishing exercises they love it….

    so in my quest for introducing i am looking for some brass or silver…not expensive preferably free or very little money…it’s just to add to my practical life shelf….

    it’s great i have the children doing shoe polishing and scrubbing and they just love it…I fondly remember cleaning my grannies silver and some brass as kids…the smell i can even smell now…and i bet many of you have the same memories of that too…so now wouldn;t it be nice to pass on that memory!!! in a world where everything is plastic etc etc….


    Check the charity shops, you might find some in there. we used to have loads but not sure if we have any left anymore, I’ll ask my mam for you. Best of luck with the search.


    Ah no!! My mother got rid of her glass/silver press, i have night mares about polishing silver trays… she gave to SVP, check out the shops


    thanks a mill i have checked the local charity shops nothing in site, have asked if they would getanything like taht they said rarely as people sell the silver…so looking for brass anything really if anyone spots anything give me a shout….

    thanks all


    Just an idea, i was just cleaning my teapot, would a metal tea pot do the trick? If your intrested i know an ex B&B owner she has some in her attic, she might sell them for a few euro

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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