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    it jsut drives me mad. My ex and me agreed that he moves out but he doesnt seem to bother to look for something. He looks for a new car instead because he uses mine at the moment. But hey whats more important? So if he doesnt move out I will. The thing is the (counsel)house is on both of our names so they cant do anything about it. I even think if I throw him out, he could gat a solicitor to get back in, no?
    So do you know where I can have a look for something to live, sharing a house (i know that could be difficult because I have two kids). Or at least where I can put an add.
    Thanks for your help, its kind of urgent or otherwise he drives me mad.



    hey, sorry to hear this..hope your ok…i know of a couple who owned their house and neither could afford to move. it was an ex council house..they ended up splitting the house in to 2 flats, split level style. her on the ground floor and him upstairs..iv never heard of it before but it seems to work..you could check with the council to see if you could get a council loan or grant to carry out the work.. i am looking in to that myself but havent had a reply yet.. please do not leave your house though, i threatened to leave mine over anti social behaviour and was told by the council that if i surrender my home i will not be entitled to rent allowance and they are under no obligation to re house me..thankfully the anti social stuff has stopped..if it came down to it you could try telling the council that things are so bad that ul have to reside at a refuge..they may take notice then..a freind of mine was in the same boat as you and she ended up having her boyfriend removed by the police and having a barring order against him..both their names were on the house but she got to stay because he kept causing trouble..dirty tactics but sometimes they work!! 😈 stay strong and good luck!


    hi there, i too have heard of same home, split style living, it sure dont work for everyone though, especially if you and your ex do not get along easily..i agree with carly about checking out the council for a grant..there may be other options available to you..


    Hi, your really having a tough time of it lately you poor pet. Maybe try calling citizens advice for information or if you were eligible for free legal aid you might be able to find out what your rights are and have a solicitor work on the case for you? Obviously these options are going to take some time to happen though so maybe put a notice upin a local supermarket or paper and see what response you get. The very best of luck with it all

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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