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    Does anyone know where i can get a house sign – you know the ones that are just blank & then you get the letters/ numbers (Normally gold) & stick them on yourself??

    I have one on my house, it is prefect & didn’t cost much compared to the ones you get engraved.

    i planned to get one for my uncle as a present but when i went to the shop on West st (think it is called home flaire or something similar) they don’t do that type anymore. The only do the ones that are engraved & you order them from a company. This type is much more expensive & will take two weeks, i need this present for Saturday.

    Trust me for leaving it to the last minute but i just thought that i would get it no problem.

    Tried a few key places around the town but they all seem to the engraved one that you have to order.

    Went on woodies DIY website but they are not on it, i wonder if they would be in the actual shop???

    Any ideas would be great.



    Did you try Homebase?


    i’ve seen them alright, woodies, homebase or even take a drive to swords and go to b&q…..i had a guycall a few months ago to the door was one off offer but very nice got a balck oval sign with our house number on it and it’s reflective so that can be seen easily by emergency services (and the take away delivery man) it was 30euro and actually looks good…..but again he was a once off thing he came to the whole estate and put the sign up and all….best of luck with your search i’m sure you’ll find something soon…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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