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    Hi all,
    My lil boy is very unwell :( and brought him to the doc yesterday but the problem is my doc is still in dublin wer i use to live and was gona stick with them coz i trusted their opinions when it came to my lil boy and felt comfortable myself with them, but travelling to dublin with the baby bein sick wasn really fair on him and decided the best thing to do is get a doc closer to me, im living in donacarney jus beside bettystown and would really appreciate some advice on a good doctor. :)


    I live in Bettystown….
    and I’ve got both my kids with Dr Seamus Keavney… in Dr Cremin surgery in Brookside….. just down the road from the old Supervalue in Bettystown.
    He has been great with my two, very thorough…. and I can always get in to see him.

    tel: 041 9827793


    Thanx chewieodie, 🙂
    Ill give them a ring that was another thing with my own doc you would have to make an appointment bout 2 days befpre you wanted to see the doc you really wanted.
    Thanx again 🙂


    Anytime hun! Hope you come right…. and that your little one feels better real soon…. 😉


    Hey Twinkle,

    How is your little man doing?


    Hi Sabbi
    He is stil not great, he has a pretty bad cough and all out of sorts, his tempature has bein stayin down today so hopefully he feels a lil better tom. I feel so sorry for him.
    Thanx Sabbi 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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