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    ok i know a few out there like their pics, anyone got any suggestions for a decent digital camera (not the small pocket ones have one) looking for one that’s bulky but not too bulky that has a decent zoom etc i want one to bring to take nice pics and not too expensive


    I would be intrested in one too.. I have a small Canon one i got last year… Something up with now

    Not focusing well


    I got my SLR in Argos, both them and harvey norman had them but much better deal in Argos…. its a great big camera but so easy to use


    Check out the Fuji fine pix range..some are now out of manufacture but you can get great bargains on ebay ..

    Fantastic bridge cameras ( between normal digital and SLR)

    Something like this
    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Fuji-FinePix-S960 … 444wt_1139

    Have a google on the Fuji…I always used these before buying my Canon SLR.


    Thats very like my camera (samemake different model)…. but thats a much better price


    E bay is defo the place to buy a camera such as the one I posted…you don’t need it brand new and most people selling cameras on e bay have been very careful with them..still in boxes..all leads in little bags etc etc….

    I have bought 5 cameras on e bay second hand withouth problem


    I bought my fuji finepix camera about 3 years back… and I have to say…. I love it. I get really great photos…. and it is somewhat idiot proof 😆
    I remember going into the camera shop at the time and asking for a camera that I can literally aim and shoot… and still look reasonably decent, and they gave me this one…. best buy I could have made!


    Last yr for dh xmas and birthday (9 days apart) couldnt think at all what to get him and knew he would like video camera and camera so went into Power City with v little research (on the basis that I figured he could swap ieither if didnt suit, even tho i didnt check returns policy so that wasnt actually that thoughtful of me) . After listening to sales patter for about 1 min cos it all gobbledey gook to me, I just picked any video camera and any camera. Haggled with him, git about 70 euro off combined total as i recall and the camera is the best thing i ever bought – video camera came out of box xmas and hant been seen since mind, but that cos we just not that kinda family to record every move and then we forgot about it – but the camera is excellent. easy to use, fab quality and v easy to connect to this that and the other to share pics. we not v technically minded at all, just wanna point click and have a nice pic, but this makes us look like we’ve really composed the shots well bla bla bla, big con!

    Scole u can look on my fb c the type of pics it takes, is a sony digital slr 10.2 mp model no dslr- a230 – the mayo and majorca albums r best to look at



    Chewie, I agree a fantastic camera..the quality of Fuji cameras is top class.

    The best thing to do Scole is read online reviews on a few cameras.

    Funny some of the best shots I ever took were with the Fuji s9300 ( My dad is now the proud owner0 and it was only 3 mp If memory serves me correctly..don’t get too hung up on Mega Pixels..they are only as good as the quality of the camera..


    have 5mega pixel on my phone camera and it works great. Think 5mega pixel is the minimum I’d settle for to ensure you can get a good quality print up to 12×10. Anything after that is a bonus. Its the zoom that makes all the difference on the larger cameras….you can get those pics without having to be in people’s faces so to speak and they are more natural pics then.


    From a really great source – my dad, who onwns this camera (and he buys only the best of the best) i would reccomend Panasonic Lumix TZ7. There is of course newest model TZ10, but as my dad said, its the same, just few more features and cost a lot more than old model (by old i mean the beggining of 2010).

    Price is really good on ebay.co.uk , the price is still huge in local shops or argos, that means its good item!
    I havent bought mine yet, but i will deffo go for this camera, it looks like normal digital one,but works as professional, and when nose (lense) moves out, it even looks like professional!
    There is my dads web adress,only inforational about this camera as well as original pictures taken by this camera!
    http://iyouproject.com/2009/11/panasoni … 3-dmc-t27/
    You can also find all info about what you should know before buying camera.
    Hope this helps


    God its a jungle out there Scole..best of luck with this!!!!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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