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    Hi Folks,
    My name is Gary, I have just started my own company as a Mobile Locksmith, I am based from Drogheda, Co. Louth but will work in Louth, Meath, Dublin and surrounding areas.

    I am available to carry out security upgrades to your windows and doors, including sash jammers and window locks to prevent the windows from opening, and also to prevent them from opening too wide or slamming shut.

    I am available to give you a security analysis of your home, office etc and let you know where you could do with an extra lock etc.

    Please contact me via PM should you require this service
    All Secure Locksmiths


    Do you do anything to prevent the windows opening more then a few inches so children cant fall out


    excellent question Taylor – we have to lock our windows upstairs at all times after one of ours tried to crawl out one. terrifying stuff. now we have them locked – but on a latch so a little bit of air can get in. not ideal but best we can do with them at moment


    I have moved 2 beds around and the two largesash windows are our fire escapes (so i dont want them locked) but on my nerves that ds2 will try and open them and climb out… I can open the little window at the top, just want to make make my windows safer.
    I know another neighbour who is looking for something to prevent windows opening too wide.


    We can supply locks to prevent the doors from opening at all, there is an ‘arm’ which closes over the frame of the door, these are easy to open and close, so would not hinder an escape from the window or door, they are available in brown and white and suit PVCu windows and doors.

    We also offer window restrictors which prevent the window from opening more than a few inches, this can be released with a quick flick of the restrictor ‘arm’, this is suitable to ventilate rooms and prevent the windows from slamming also.

    I hope I have answered your queries, but if you have any more questions or comments, please free to ask away, if you need anything more specific or detailed, pm me.



    Im guessing that the window restrictors can be clipped open by an Adult if needs be, how much is the cost of supply window restrictors?


    Taylor5, and other posters, viewers etc, sincere apologies for taking so long to reply to you, there seemed to be a problem of some sort when I tried to log on to the site, I kept being redirected and the page kept refreshing!
    All seems to be in order now thank God!

    If you wish to contact me via PM I can discuss the pricing with you and maybe give you some tips on upgrading your home security.

    I dont think we are allowed to discuss prices on the open forum, so I would rather not leave myself open to a telling off from the powers that be!

    All the best, Gary

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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