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    Have any of your kids got a ‘buddy’ / teddy / blanket that is vital to get them to sleep?

    Any of you ever lose one? Spend hours searching the house for one?

    As part of an idea for a Transition Year Product development module, we are investigating the idea of making something that we could attach to / put in these precious toys to help find them when they hide.

    Years ago I had a keyringthat beeped if I whistled.
    If I lose the handset of the phone, I push a button on the phone cradle & it beeps.

    Has anyone come across some simple gadget like this recently? Looking for feedback.

    Then battery life has to be sorted…. child safety…. and can it be washed or tumble dried…. No problem

    Or does this product exist already?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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