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    So I went off for a walk with baby this morning and on my way I passed a bunch of council workers who are constructing a playground in Bettystown.

    Two of them were having a smoke, one was chatting on his mobile phone, while propped up on a shovel and another was driving a JCB – while chatting on a mobile phone at the same time too!!

    Them I walked to Laytown and there were a bunch of council workers at the new school there. There was 6 of them, two had shovels and were scraping weeds out of the concrete, one was resting on a brush waiting for them to finish, two were chatting on their phones and the last one – well, he was having a fag of course!

    Now I’m not saying council workers are lazy (well, maybe some of them are sometimes!!) but wasn’t the household tax supposed to go back in to local councils. So the 100 euro that loads of people forked out, is so 6 council workers can do a job that clearly could be done by half that number.

    Well, I suppose the mobile phone and cigarette manufacturers are doing well out of it… :wink:


    Oh the joys of life, its all part of a job like that

    When i worked in An post your day was over when you delivered your last letter, now you could fly about or have a slow wander… i always ran, would jump walls, hedges etc. I would be finished at Lunchtime, but on a Friday we all would met up for a big fry up, yes the mail would be a bit later then normal but we had to eat, the amount of comments we would get annoyed the crap out of me!!
    These people would be in getting breakfast rolls to eat but we shouldnt, now i never comment on workers unless i have watched them for more then a few mins. They all could have been on a break 😆 😆 😆

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