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    I really need help. My daughter (5) had a teddy from Mamas & Papas that was a white daddy mouse with a small mouse attached to its hand. The small mouse got detached from the big mouse and my daughter carried the little mouse (thats what she called him) around EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately she dropped him when we were on holidays and now she’s missing him REALLY badly. He’s been gone almost a year, but she still gets upset about him. We had to tell her that he’s gone on an adventure and she’s still expecting him to come home. Her little heart is broken and its breaking our hearts to see it. I’m sorry for laying it on so thick, but you know how it is, this is my last chance at replacing him! I dont know what else to do. So, if anyone has a teddy like this and is willing to part with it, or knows where I can get one I would be eternally grateful. All I’m looking for is the small mouse part. If you could help Littlemouse come home from his adventures you’d make a little girl very happy.
    Please reply to this post wth any information.


    My heart is breaking hearing about your daughter…. my 4 year old lost his sheety in a shop last week but we found another one behind the sofa (thank God) He had 3 now he only has 2, so not allowed out of the car or into shops now. only house or bed.

    Would you not try the gerry ryan show, he loves this sort of thing and Im sure someone has one sitting gathering dust on the shelf
    Good luck and hope you find him


    Hi,we’ve tried Fix It Friday on Ray Darcy with no luck but never thought of Gerry Ryan. Will give it a go. Thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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