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    I just had to share this….

    we have just decorated DS’s room ready for the big move in on his own after 2 and half years with us :oops: :oops: ….so want to do it in Little Einsteins theme but its just not available here & so expensive on ebay…50 pound sterling for duvet!!

    Anyway decided to make my own posters etc to decorate walls & make do with a cheaper duvet set not Little Einsteins…

    Today popped into Smyths & there was Pat Pat rocket that Ds loves…he has been watching them since he was a baby & has always loved them…so did a naughty thing & bought the Rocket at 45 euro :shock:

    But….he has not stopped playing with it since bought it home…is playing wonderful games with it ….so to me its so worth money….when I asked him in shop if he would like it he said…..oh yes please mummy………just couldnt resist…….so anyone else tempted would throughly recommend :)

    one very happy little boy & a very happy mummy watching him play so grown up with it.

    but any tips on buying any cheaper items please post as really cant be spending money like this too often… :(

    Moonflower xxx


    I was in tkmaxx the other day and they had single bed duvets that were white and navy with little rockets on them, just cant remember the price


    Ikea is really brilliant for kids rooms Moonflower. They have really nice duvets for around 10 sterling and lovely furniture, lighting and toys too. They even have beds that extend to full size as your child gets older. You can look at everything online. The only thing is, its a bit of a treck to get up to Belfast.


    Hi there,

    I wanted to decorate my sons room in under the sea theme but stuff was crazy expensive so I got creative.I printed some stuff from internet (big fish etc.) and copied them onto the walls in pencil and then painted them in. It looked like sea world by the time I was finished, I had sharks, turtlers, fish etc.

    Took a while to do but it was worth it in the end. It’s the little things like that which make it personal and I felt chuffed when it was all done.

    Good luck,


    We are doing up ds room at the moment, got all his bedding and curtains half price in Liberty interiors on Stockwell strest (closing donw sale)
    Pick up a brilliant cars lamp in tkmaxx for a tenner.
    We painted him room yellow and we are paint Numbers and letters all differnt sizes (in red and blue paint), all his curtains have trucks and diggers etc on but the walls we want to keep more grown up rathet then a baby theme.
    We are having great fun doing it


    Just come back from trip home to uk laden with one of my nephews old Toy Story duvet sets…DS loves it as has rockets & space theme on it….my nephew is 12 now so grown out of that for sure……so got an even cheaper option,recyled duvet from my sis!!

    Now going to search for planets & stars to put on ceiling. Would love to do drawings on walls but dont think my art skills are up to it……. 😆


    Moonflower I think I seen planets and stuff in the Arts and hobbie shop in Scotch hall.


    thanks Taylor,I am going ther 2day to get stuff to make posters for his room so will have a look.

    Also going to take him to the storytime at Drogheda Libray this afternoon,seen it advertised on homepage of mumstown….would love him to join library as well.


    moonflower, they have toy story 1 and 2 on dvd in heatons for €10 each!!!


    wow,will hav 2 go & have a look.he has Toy story 1 on "video".has loads of his cousins old videos….perhaps he may like it now as he didnt before when i put it on for him…

    thanks yummymummy

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