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    hi all,

    was walking up Dyer St yesterday and the place was flooded with litter. I could ot believe it. It took me ages to walk up as I tried navigate my buggy around all sorts of rubbish

    has anyone else noticed a decline in tidy streets around the town

    anyone have any thoughts on this? may write something for a local paper about this… can reply here or email me at



    Who is responsible for cleaning the pedestrian walkways such as the staircases that take you under the Dublin Road and such pathways? Walking down some of them it’s a little worrying as there is broken glass and rubbish strewn everywhere, people obviously using the pathways as drinking spots and who knows what else. If they are left dirty, they will just continue to attract dodgy behaviour – but if they are cleaned up they will be seen as in use and that they aren’t as isolated (and therefore a good hiding place) as the rubbish makes it appear. So who is responsible for cleaning them – the council?


    i got a reply from the council that its up to them. they say drogheda is cleaned every day but looks quite dirty to me some days when I’m trying to navigate a baby in a buggy and a toddler around.

    what is your main concern about it?


    my main concern about the rubbish on the streets is that my children could pick up something and injure themselves (due to natural curiosity of a child they won’t understand why they can’t do it)
    i’m always cleaning dog crap off my dd’s shoe’s its covering most of the paths in the country not just the town
    i’m trying to teach my children to pick up their rubbish and put it in bins but if they see all this rubbish and mess around they’ll start to wonder why do they have to tidy after themselves when they don’t see others do it when they are outside


    I think Drogheda has been looking very dirty over the past few weeks/months, only last week driving past St Mary Church heading up the Dublin Road there was litter EVERYWHERE, it was from the bullring as far as the lights for scotch hall…. it was sooo bad my 2.5 year old said "Mammy road very dirty"
    It not a good image to send out to visitors to the town.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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