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    Well i scoffed sizzlers out of it tonight and its onto the lipotrim tomorrow! Ive a wedding dress to fit into and im a woman on a mission!!

    So anyone else tried the lipotrim diet! I have serious willpower issues but i have a picture of my wedding dress on the Fridge to remind me everytime i feel like cheating NOT TO! Plus its costing me a small fortune to buy the shakes every week! My sis tried it for 2 weeks and lost over a stone! :shock:
    I just want a kick start and then onto the half food/half shake diet after that.

    Love to hear how others got on :) (positives only!!! :D )


    you’ll be fab on the day, heard lipotrim great but be careful as can give ya the poops….. 😆


    I did this a couple of years ago and it fooked my whole system up, was on it for about 4 weeks and i had my period the whole time (considering i was on the injection and dont get period i found this very strange)

    no it doesnt make you poop at all you have to take extra fibre with it and you can be clogged up for at least the first week!!!

    happy go for it if you want to but its really not worth it, once you start eating again you are more than likely to put the weight back on!!!
    o and the shakes are disgusting, if you leave it sitting brown shite will appear at the bottom of the cup its in 🙁 and the soup, well dont even go there. sorry but you did ask hahahaha.

    why not try celeb slim (shakes and food) for a quick start, or just go to WW?????


    Just had my first choco shake with coffee so it was like a big latte! Happy enough with that so far.

    1st hour not too bad!! 😆 Have the dress on the fridge so its great insipration. Im a frim beleiver in being positive and giving everything 100% so will see how i go. Thanks for your comments. Oh scole dont mind pooping! Better out than in 😆 😆 😆 😆


    I done the Cambridge diet for a week (my sisters left overs!!) It has more variety than the lipotrim and the shakes were drinkable (most of them), lost half a stone in that week, but had it back on the week after!

    My sister lost 1.5 stone in the three weeks she done it and she kept it off for a while…but she was eating nothing afterwards, I mean nothing! Yogurts and soup and veg and stuff like that.. nothing ‘decent’ at all!

    Its very hard to keep up, you will need buckets of willpower! Good luck!!!


    buckets is right, good luck with it happy!!!


    See how it goes, Yvonne you have just had a baby and you look great! My baby is nearly one! Give yourself a break 🙂


    sorry Happymammy but my neighbour did Lipotrim and she was in bits after a few days of it. She stuck with it and while initially she lost 14lbs in 3 weeks, she gained 18lbs once she stopped it.

    My sister also did it and she had fierce headaches and felt really sick after couple of days

    It just does not seem right to starve yourself, I think there are easier ways to lose a few pounds.

    Buy the book ‘eat right for your blood type’. I stick to this (and I have not cut out chocolate, coffees, cakes, wine or take aways!) but I’ve lost weight and I manage to keep it off.

    You just need to know your blood type, read the book and avoid certain foods and the weight falls off. I know loads of people this works for and it is not like a diet.

    I’ve done the weight watchers, slim fast, atkins, blah blah blah but none of them are sustainable. The blood type diet works great for me.

    Good luck and don’t stress!! Enjoy the build up to your big day, I’m sure you’ll be gorgeous!


    I know of one person that had great success with it, she lost 7 stone over 6 months and has kept it off. I’m sure it will be tough going but there’s nothing like seeing a result! Good luck with it!



    Am new to the website so "Hello" to everyone.

    I did the Lipotrim a couple of years ago. No side effects, and managed to loose 2.5 stone in 7 weeks. Have to say though, i found it really hard to stick to the maintenance after that and needless to say the weight went back on.

    I’m getting married in June, so have been back at WW for 6 week’s now and have lost 10.5lbs. Give it a try for a couple of weeks for the kick start, Best of luck.



    Thanks a mill girls for all the info.

    Day one over, im not too bad, im hungry but not starving! It was a long day plus ive a bad headcold. Im out and about for the next few days so i will be kept busy.Ive drank 4 litres of water! 😯
    The shakes are nice apart from the fact i cant get the whole baby formula smell out of my head when im drinking it! I love the choco one and ive got loads of different ideas on how to make other things with the shakes.
    I know it seems extreme but i want fast results. I hate waiting around for anything. 🙄 😆 If i see results fast then i will stick with it. I want to loose 2 stone in 2 months and then i will make sure it stays off. I will join ww then for the support and advice etc etc. The cravings are very hard! Making the kids dinners today was hard, So i made their veg and mash and froze it for the week. Also a pot of stew for himself for the next two days by Friday my cravings should have eased off. No Chinese or wine the weekend is going to be tough!

    So heres to another 24hours. Night x


    Hi Day two

    Today so far so good. Just in from work spent the morning drinking water, then at 1 I made muffins out of the choc shake and had a choc shake with coffee (latte) and now im stuffed. Another bottle of water and that will fill me till 6 and I will do the same only might make a biscuit out of the sachet instead of a muffin!!!! Really happy today and Im convinced ive lost 2lb already! Or else my scales is out (its ten years old!) It suits me to have the sachets in solid form rather than liquid form each time and have water with it.

    Thanks for all the pm’s girls you are greatsupport. 🙂


    fair play happy but seriously i think you’re lovely…lol….see how ya get on but don’t kill yourself…..dieting should be fun not toture….however when baby no.2 comes i’m gonan try and rid myself of the 4 stone i’ve put on having my kids……

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