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    I’m quite annoyed and was wondering if anyone else has experienced this…

    I took my two year old daughter for that new updated pneumococcil vaccine yesterday. When the nurse was administering the vaccine, she jabbed the needle really hard and fast into my baby girl’s leg.

    All my children screamed and cried after their needles but this scream yesterday was piercing. I looked at the nurse with disbelief. I could not believe she was so rough with my little baby. She really pumped the needle into her aggressively.

    Since then, my daughter has actually been limping. Even now, she is sitting on my knee andif I brush off her leg, she winces.

    I just feel the nurse was out of line to be so brutal. This is baby number 3 so we’ve been through lots of needles but none of them left my other children limping.

    Has this happened to anyone else? My poor little baby is so out of sorts now because of it.

    Has anyone any tips on settling her and easing the pain in her leg? Shes been crying a lot since yesterday, I know shes hurting and to be honest, I feel a bit helpless….


    Sabbi, that is terrible how your little one was treated, if a nurse or doctor done that to me, I would give them what for!!! I think I would make a call about it too…
    I know when my friend brought her DD for an injection, she developed a big lump on her leg that was obviously hurting, but the said it was a reaction… and the usual calpol when needed… this sounds horrible but maybe the needle did go in to deep??? The poor little thing…. only thing I could suggest is a cold compress on the injection site and the usual calpol!!
    Sorry cannot be of more help, hope she is feeling better soon.


    That’s horrible Sabbi, how could a nurse be so brutal to a little girl. 🙁

    I use rescue remedy if my children are out of sorts, just a little drop under the tongue. And some arnica cream on her little leg might ease the bruising.

    I’d have no hesitation in reporting the case to her superior, it sounds at the least that she needs retraining.


    i feel so sad for your little girl be honest i would ring and tell them how you feel,you probably didnt say anything yeasteday cos you just wanted to get her out of there.your doctor will be happy that you rang as he/she is probably not aware that the nurse was not very littler boy has been going for different tests and things the past few weeks and everyone has been so gentle and reassuring that he has not been anxious about any of his appointments even though he has been to different doctors and different need to make it known that you were not happy,god love her,its hard enough to watch them getting needles.


    I know a bit of pressure has to be applied but that sounds wrong!!!! Could you dd have taken a reaction to the jab (never mind how the bitch gave it) even a hard jab should have her limping…. I would bring her back as the wincing and limping doesnt sound right to me! Now theres one child who will be afraid of needles for the rest of her life

    My ds got his jabs in the gp’s, there are two different nurses… one he doesnt even cry the other is a rough cow and he sobs his little heart out!!! He did get a lump, it lasted about 3 to 4 weeks…. gone now thank God


    my friend is a nurse and she said if she still limps after 4 days then get her seen by your doctor and tell him. Needle could have chipped off at the top and be in her leg. I’m not saying it is, but you never know!!! Poor baby 😥


    The limping has stopped but I was not happy about the way the needle was administered, so I called the clinic to have a chat with the clinic manager – who turned out to bed a TOTAL COW!!!

    I did not want to make a big deal out of it, I just want that nurse to be a bit gentler with children in future. I’m sure in her mind she was just trying to be quick to get it over with for my daughters sake. However, she was a bit rough and I do not want another child to suffer, so I felt I had to call.

    The manager made me out to be an irrational, overprotective mother. I had to actually say to her – this is baby number 3, so I’m not a first time mum, I know about vaccinations and I know children should not be limping afterwards!

    She said there is nothing she can do, I have to speak to the nurse in question myself and complain straight to her (what is the point of having a manager there I wonder!)

    So this nurse (who does all my kids needles and my smears etc.) is going to call me about this issue. Oh well, I’ll just be honest with her and hope she is mature enough to take my concerns rationally – unlike that clinic manager.

    I’ll let you know how I get on with her. Bloody office politics. All I wanted was the manager to have a quiet word with her and now I have to have a confrontation.

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