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    HI everyone,

    I am currently on Mat Leave and am due to return to work on 13 Oct.

    2 children and baby will be attending Oasis Childcare Centre. They dont have a collection/delivery service so about 1 mth ago I asked the 2 bus drivers if they had spaces. One said bus full but go on waiting list. Other said yes but to contact him in a few weeks.

    Did this the other day and it looks like there are now no places afterschool.

    Mornings should be no prob as they could get the Bus Eir bus to school from the centre but there seems to be no other way other than the private bus to get them either to Oasis or even home to Laytown at 3pm. 190 seems to go along coast rd rather than past school at that time.

    Would anyone know of anybody who would be able to collect the 2 childs from school at 3pm and drop off on the road outside the centre? It would be Mon- Thurs only, collection from school only, and also on half-days. It would be possibly up to christmas time. I have applied to Tesco in Drogheda for a p/t job so if I got it I would still have to give 1 months notice. I have no problem paying towards petrol.

    My son is in 3rd Class and my daughter is in 3rd Class.

    Could you pm me or email me at My mobile is busted at the moment :x

    Many thanks


    they go to laytown school do they? the bus does come to mornington court, i see it everyday…..did they say they have no room…there is only ever 2 or 3 kids max that get off at mornington court….so i wonder why they say they’re full that’s odd…..if you want pm me and i’ll ask the driver when i see the bus come in the morning or afternoon…..i mind a lad who i drop to school as my ds is in playschool in same direction and he gets the bus back from donacarney in the afternoon….i know it’s 12euro for afternoon collection for his bus….


    School the kids go to Donacarney ns not laytown


    yes but the buses for Donacarney, Laytown and Gaelsoil all collect in my estate and drop off….


    sorry just copped on….I can ask the driver for you i know it costs 12euro for afternoon drop off only from Donacarney john sheils is the bus that does donacarney….i’ll ask later….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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