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    Hi there,

    I think there was a thread on this last year. Anyhow, my little man has started school recently(oh how the last 4 1/2 years have flown) and we just got a text to say that lice have been reported in a few of the classes. I would definately be of the prevention is better than cure camp – so anyone any ideas on how to keep these little buggers out of the house. ds has quite short hair but afraid that dd my get it – and she has a huge mop of curly hair that can be very hard to brush.



    I’m dreading the same thing…. I’ve got my own little rapunzel at home with hair down to her waist…. and at 4… I’m dreading it….
    I wash their hair with teatree shampoo…. which is supposedly preventative…. must actually get teatree oil too…. 😉 a dab behind the ears…


    As a pre-school teacher I second the tea tree shampoo and oil! Tonnes of conditioner too helps them not to get a grip on the hair.


    yeah i’m same dd’s hair down to her waist and has just started school.
    i use the tea shampoo but have also started to rinse her hair with warm water & a few drops of the tea tree oil. I also insist she wears her hair up for school – have done this since it was long enough to be up when she was in creche so she’s used to it. Dd2’s hair is mad curly so kinda harder to catch up just yet
    they say we should be checking their hair regularly too – i do check it when i’m blow drying it but must get one of those combs
    god the thoughts of it makes my tummy turn 🙄


    Definitely second the tea tree suggestion. You can buy a bottle of tea tree essential oil and add into a non perfumed shampoo,

    Elave shampoo is ideal, its non smelly and has no bad chemicals, so the tea tree works well in it.

    This has worked for us and we now add some tea tree to their shampoo during school term to try an avoid the dreaded lice. Went through it once and really never want to go through it again – yuk!!


    If you rub tea tree oil behind the ears and a few drops into your regluar shampoo, much cheaper then buying tea tree shampoo.

    I have a Boots Electronic nit comb, Ds has just gone into Senior infants and we had nothing last year, even though they were in his class.
    The comb puts your mind at ease, i run through his hair every week or two…. takes about 20 seconds.!!! If it finds a nit or lice it zaps them and the eggs…only 26euro but the best investment


    OMG my little DS has tight curls and cant bebrushed until bath times – how will i ever get a comb through it if he gets lice ?????? 😯


    just remember THEY ONLY GO INTO CLEAN HAIR. 😀


    [quote="beams"]OMG my little DS has tight curls and cant be brushed until bath times – how will i ever get a comb through it if he gets lice ?????? :shock:[/quote

    I know a mum who had to cut off her ds’s curls (it broke her heart) but he got nits twice in creche and she coudlnt comb his hair… just use the tea tree behind the ears and it shouldprevent him getting them


    Thanks for all the suggestions ladies – hopefully we will not have to worry about it.

    If you cannot comb your little ones hair – I woud definately recommend Johnson & Johnson detangle spray. Brilliant – I could not brush my little dd’s hair until I got this stuff. Now we have hair down past her shoulders and no problems brushing.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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