LIbre Le Parfum by YSL

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    “I am aware of the fact that I have enabled women to access a world that hitherto was prohibited territory.”

    Yves Saint Laurent. Free. That’s the one word that defines Yves Saint Laurent. Always on the edge Experimenting. Breaking boundaries.

    Turning the tuxedo into provocative women’s evening wear in the Sixties. Turning on the power of ultra­ femininity with Anthony Vaccarello’s miniskirts, designed not to tease, but to make you move forward freely. Because you’ve got places to go. Emotions to experience. You’re the YSL woman, here to live, to be free, to embrace Monsieur Saint Laurent’s passionate motto…

    TOUT, MAIS TERRIBLEMENT. Everything with excess….

    For today’s women, freedom is the ultimate It-luxury. After years of fighting for emancipation or success, it’s a state of mind. A way of playing by your own rules. Because you do you. No compromises. No contradictions. Because you can be powerful and hyper-feminine. A luxury addict and connected with nature. Ultra-cool and white-hot, driven by your fire inside, burning your life at both ends … Shouting if you feel like it. Insatiably experimenting and accepting all your paradoxes.

    With LIBRE, free has found its own, It-conic fragrance. A sexy cool floral. Grown between France and Morocco. Conceived between Paris and New York. Walking the line between the masculine and the feminine …


    Today, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty turns up the heat of its flamboyant blend with a new, spicy, honeyed floral signature. More intense than ever. Fire in a bottle.

    LIBRE Le Parfum. A perfume. And so much more than a perfume. Because your fragrance is who you are. Your fierce flamboyant aura, your beautiful blazing trail, a pleasure just for yourself, but also the message you send out to the world.

    LIBRE Le Parfum. Because in French, there’s no more powerful word to define you, today.

    LIBRE Le Parfum. Because today, celebrating freedom feels more vital than ever. Freedom is the ultimate luxury. The fire that drives you, to feel everything amplified and to live libre. The lava-hot vision that burns within your heart. A positive, fearless, flaming call to action. The secret of your confidence and charisma ..

    “For this new version of LIBRE, we wanted to make 1/ ten times more sensual by dressing up the fragrance with warm, spicy notes. This incandescence contrasts with a fougere structure which is the signature of LIBRE. The orange blossom note is amplified, 1/s elegance more assertive and addictive than ever.”
    Anne Flipo

    “This reinterpretation of LIBRE is more intense, with a spicy explosion of ginger matched with Living Saffron from the Ounka Commumly Gardens in Morocco – a country so dear to Monsieur Saint Laurent. The scent’s orange blossom heart is amplified by a soft and sexy honey note that boosts 1/s addictive signature.”
    Carlos Bena1m

    In 2022, LIBRE captures fire in a bottle with the most intense, searingly sensual iteration yet of the couture icon: LIBRE Le Parfum.

    With this fearless new creation, the master perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Bena1m (IFF) ignite the scent’s signature sensual orange blossom and cool lavender with an explosion of warm spices.

    The Ourika Saffron accord obtained through headspace captures, used for the very first time in a fragrance, reveals the uniquely addictive, creamy, incandescent facets of the saffron flower grown in YSL Beauty’s Ourika Community Gardens in Morocco. Lit up by a fresh, juicy bergamot heart crafted for YSL, matched with the cool-hot burn of zesty ginger, this signature saffron accord makes LIBRE burn brighter than ever.

    Touched by the flaming spice, the heart of LIBRE Le Parfum turns as red as the “flowers of fire” envisioned by Yves Saint Laurent in the Seventies for his ground-breaking Opium. Red as the earth of Morocco, the land that so inspired the couturier’s flamboyant palette Red as the flames that burn in the heart of the YSL woman …
    To raise the temperature even higher, the honeyed facet is reinforced in LIBRE LE PARFUM. Naturally present in Libre’s precious orange blossom absolute, it is enhanced both by the honeyed facet of the saffron accord from the Ourika Community Gardens, and by a luscious honey accord that wraps the pure white petals in a golden aura. Its deliciousness is accented by a stellar vanilla Bourbon infusion, crafted for YSL Beauty, that captures the balsamic tones of the precious pod.

    And because, like any great piece of design, LIBRE is built on tensions, the curvy, nervy, blazingly sensual orange blossom contrasts with a coolly tailored Fougere structure. A classically masculine style gender-bent into a sensual feminine scent by the master perfumers, just like Yves Saint Laurent reinvented the tuxedo for women.

    In LIBRE Le Parfum, the fresh, floral lavender that defines the genre- a stellar quality from Provence crafted for YSL Beauty- blends with the warmer, almondy facet of another classic Fougere ingredient, coumarin.



    “W!lh tis soft, creamy, vamllic, floral and honeyed facets w1lh soft leather acccents, Ounka Commumly Gardens saffron is unlike any other qual1ly of the spice’: Anne Flipo explains “As soon as we smelled 1/, ti was, as we say in French, ‘une evidence’. we obviously had to use 11 to intensify the searing sensual,ly of LIBRE’s orange blossom heart and make 11 even more enveloping. It’s as though we’d set the fragrance on fire.I”

    LIBRE Le Parfum showcases an accord created exclusively for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. The Ourika Saffron accord is not only a tribute to Yves Saint Laurent’s deep love for Morocco, but a unique olfactory signature that is very different from classic saffron.

    Ourika Saffron owes its distinctive honey, vanilla and leather facets to the terroir the saffron crocuses are grown on: YSL Beauty’s Ourika Community Gardens, a sustainable haven at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, in Morocco.

    To turn the rare spice into a perfume ingredient, YSL Beauty and IFF, used a cutting-edge headspace technology. A tiny quantity of pure saffron stamens was extracted with liquid CO2, which captures its odorous molecules in all their subtlety. These molecules were then analysed, enabling perfumers to reconstitute the scent of Ourika Saffron as faithfully as possible with ingredients from their palette to create especially for YSL Beauty an unique Ourika saffron accord.


    LIBRE Le Parfum is built from top-quality materials crafted for Yves Saint Laurent. In this made-to-measure range, the key natural ingredients of the fragrance are deconstructed, then reconstructed through cutting­ edge techniques to liberate the quintessence of each note.

    YSL Beauty’s partner has been working for years with producers in Calabria, in southern Italy, where bergamot is a specialty, whose quality has never been matched, despite several attempts to grow the precious citrus in other regions. Bergamots are sustainably harvested by hand from November to February, at their optimal point of maturity, to obtain the highest-quality essence. The extraction unit is located very close to the orchard to ensure freshness. The essence obtained is then redistilled to enhance its sparkling, acidulous freshness.

    A new cultivar developed for the freshness of its fragrance, Diva Lavender is grown in low mountain areas of Provence (France) Sustainably sourced, this ingredient is part of a program which aims to promote the return of lavender crops in France. The stem and flower are first steam-distilled, yielding a 100% natural essential oil. The oil is then fractionated with CO2, a process which allows perfumers to eliminate less desirable, more masculine facets in order to assemble only the most beautiful fractions. The Diva lavender Heart, a fresher, more floral expression of the essence, is crafted for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty.

    Lavandin – a hybrid of two wild lavenders – is one of the largest perfume crops in France. The quality used in Libre is obtained from a sustainable source, aiming to improve farmers’ income by ensuring a decent price and guaranteeing stable prices over the long term. Here, only the floral head is used. To preserve their vibrant freshness, the flowers are steam-distilled, then deconstructed through molecular distillation and reassembled into a “heart”. The particular quality yielded by this process was crafted for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty.

    Pollinated by hand on the day it blooms, the vanilla flower yields green pods that must be picked at maturity and dried for six months in order to develop their aroma. The premium infusion, crafted for the house, is obtained through a cutting-edge extraction technology, which preserves the full, rich aroma of the pod. Powerful and textured, this infusion captures a unique, freshly ripened vanilla bean effect with balsamic tones.

    Vanilla Bourbon Premium Infusion is sustainably sourced in Madagascar through a community program



    You don’t touch an icon. You just find new ways of making it hotter. More desirable. More flamboyant. Because that bottle holds flowers of fire…

    Highlighted by the deep red colour of the fragrance, the tailored lines of the bottle’s design feel even more touchable. The oversized horizontal Cassandre glows like a piece of couture jewellery Bent to follow the sharp angle of the bottle and nailed to the glass – a prowess of engineering, the legendary logo flashes gold like incandescent lava.

    In another sexy, provocative detail, a precision-cut glass V underlines the decolletage of the Y, cutting deep into the glass of the geometric bottle, as trim and streamlined as a tailored YSL tuxedo

    Adding a touch couture asymmetry, the slanted black cap that tops off the bottle accents the sleek golden chain wound around its neck. Because the YSL woman feels free to wear chains. As long as they’re gold. Anyway, she can break them whenever she wants.

    Because there’s no more expressive word to define women, today. LIBRE.

    @yslbeauty #LibreLeParfum #yslbeauty #fragrance

    90ml – €132.00
    50ml – €102.00
    30ml – € 74.00

    YSL Libre Le Parfum is available from September 28th at:

    Brown Thomas Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway and online at; BT2 Dundrum Town Centre & BT2 Blanchardstown

    From Arnotts Beauty Hall and online at

    Select Boots stores and online at
    Select Independent Pharmacies nationwide

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