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    Just got a letter this morning from Dept of Social Welfare – Child Benefit

    There are checking up on all families about where children go to school – they look for info re school address and telephone number…. also a box to fill in any changes to Child Care allowance

    Info needs to be returned within 21 days or child benefit will be stopped

    I think this is a great idea – just wondering did anyone else get the letter


    HI Libby,

    I get this letter regularly… probably every six months or so. Reckon it is because both DH and myself are on UK passports. We’ve been getting them for the past 5 years. And if you don’t return them, they definately DO stop the benefit. I found this out the hard way, as our CB was always paid into the bank account, and we moved to a different address, didn’t inform the office (as because of bank dep, I didn’t realise I had to… 😳 )and hadn’t rec’d any of the letters, the benefit was stopped.

    But I think its a good idea, to help them keep on top of who is actually still in the country.


    haven’t recevied one yet…but i see why they do it, perhaps with the change in the economy people are moving away and saying nothing, so they are probably trying to cut the amount they have to pay out….


    yeah ive gotten it, only once mind, i know people who are getting it ever 3-4 months!


    Glad i returned it immediately

    Thats good to Hear that people recieve it
    I didn’t know what to think


    I got this letter a few weeks back… I think its great that they are checking this up… I know someone who claims for his son even though he lives back home in Poland!


    Think they are trying to clamp down on the fraud…. think their are people who claim in the UK /North and in Ireland too.
    Great to see


    haven’t recieved one yet but yes do think it’s a good idea
    will make sure to return it immediately when i do get one!


    Yes I get one once every 3-4 months , I too am from U.K , think they mainly target non Irish Citizens,

    I found out the hard way too what it was all in aid of..I received 1 letter and sent it back , then what seemed like only a few weeks later I received another one and thought they must have made a mistake and I binned it 😳 ..sure enough the benefit was stopped ..

    Annoying yes for those of us who are genuine but a great idea to catch the culprits..I am sure they must get a few.


    i get them evry 1to 2 months.apparently they pick people randomly, sothe guy from dept told me. just be careful as sometimes you dont receive the letteir till two wks after postdated which means you only have aweek till the 21 days up. thats been my experience anyway.i learnt hard way also.and when u ring, hard to get trou on hold around half an hr.but i appreciate they doing there job. so send those letters back. the guy on the phone told me there over 5000 people who nad payment stopped for not sending forms back


    Yup we get those letters every 3 months too, and we are all UK citizens, kids inc.

    Does annoy me that as has been highlighted above, our letters are always 2 weeks old before we receive them, thus giving u a week to complete and return, ours also has a section in for dh employer to stamp and complete(?) which in itsef can be a pain in the rear. This gives u only a week to complete and return to meet their deadline and I KNOW that the form would mysteriously not arrive in time if i just sent it thru normal an post so I ALWAYS send it registered post which costs me a tenner but is cheaper than losing CB for a time.

    Don’t believe they are selected randomly – this has been on here before and anecdotally I KNOW that non-Irish citizens are targeted more than Irish. i don’t have a problem with that, is sensible after all to deduce that non-nationals are more likely to be moving around than nationals. I would rather they just say that tho.


    im born and bred irish but i agree with u , iv asked lots of friends and neighbours do they get them as often and the only other one who does is originally from uk.jeez thats a pain having to get it stamped the whole time.i wonder how long it takes to get payment started back again. iv sent everything they required in to them.havent got anything yet.will be backdated to june.


    i get 1 every 4 months i get it for the 1 parent family. i got 1 there last year and dropped it in the same day i got it in the letter box as the girl told me to and that thursday when i went down the bank for money nothing was there i went to the SW they said they never got it so i told them everytime i get one i am gonna bring it in a stay there till its in the system. a week later they rang and told me they found it.


    I thought EU citizens were allowed to claim child benefit for children living in their home country? I could be way off the mark on this one but just have a faint recolection of hearing a fuss about it on the radio a while back. Anyone else remember this?


    yeah i think thats true but whats happening here is that they have claims in their own country and here. The prime time programme showing alot of African people living in the North and making CB claims in both the UK and Republic iykimw

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