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    It’s not that I’m surprised week after week in a certain large supermarket (that rhymes with the phrase for eating outdoors!) but sometimes their sneakiness drops to new lows! Their Springforce 9 pack toilet rolls that had been €2.69 for a very long time and which was relatively good value (probably why they keep the price ticket at floor level hoping not too many will see it!) last week changed to €2.85. The increase is not what bothered me, it was the fact that the new ticket read "Save€3.62" and then in tiny writing at the bottom "against leading brand"!! Which means you are not "saving" anything!

    That’s like a ford car dealer with a sign over a fiesta saying something like "€19,000, save €28,000, against a mercedes"!!! :twisted:


    Tesco put their Weetabix up from 2.95 to 3.15 for a 24 pack.
    They put Nutella up from 2.85 to 3.29
    …and they put their own brand kitchen cloths up from 1.25 to 2.09!!!

    Sneaky, cheeky and sly. I watch all the prices in there and try to buy clever – I will go to SuperValu, Dunnes, Superquinn, Tesco, Lidl and pick up what I need in each. I have no loyalty to any supermarket and am always looking for the best deal!

    Please add your good buys here….

    Today I got a bottle of Mcguigans Pinot Grigio for 7 euro in the Tesco wine sale, its a lovely wine for anyone who likes light, crisp whites.

    I also got some nice meat in Supervalu, good offers on chickens & hams in there and their own brand stuffing is lovely.


    Aldi all the way here, then Lidl for the likes of Chocolate spread…


    Cant stand Tesco. I try not to shop in it if I can help it.

    Shop in Aldi all the time, find their stuff good quality and prices are reasonable.


    I mainly shop in Aldi, but always get a few bits in Tesco too.. I too notice how their prices seem to ‘jump’ no slight increases at all only big ones..

    Last week I went to Dunnes in Scotch Hall for the first time in I don’t know how long, they had alot of offers on so got a good value shop there.


    Ha, they are all the same – put stuff up and down every week. You need to know your prices. I do my shopping online with Supervalu every week now.

    I buy a their own brand sausages, rashers, eggs – tastes just as good as the leading brands.

    I get good quality and usually come in around 100euro for shopping and delivery at a time that suits me.

    Could not fault them.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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