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    Well done to my little sis who did really well with her leaving cert results today. Reckon my parents are in for a sleepless night as she goes out to celebrate. Hope they behave themselves…

    Anyone got kids who got results today? Hope they are happy with them. It seems like the biggest thing in the world at the time but I cannot remember the last time I actually had to use my leaving cert results?


    Well done to her Sabbi!

    My niece got hers today and was really pleased too!
    It was 16 years ago today that I got my results too!!! 😯 Don’t think I ever had to present mine for anything either!


    My mum-in-law did hers!!!! and passed !!! Well done to her 😆 😆


    Wow Beams, thats great. She went back to do it, fair play to her.

    Granny’s rock!!!


    My little bro got his today sooooooo proud of him ( i even had a little cry……..im so pathetic i know hahaha)

    He off out in shooters…….god knows what state he’ll come home in, if he anything like me ….well we wont go there lol

    10 years since i got mine and i added mine up there today and he did better than me, woulda thought it eh 🙂


    Yip we’re very proud of granny – shes the business alright – hope shes making a show of herself in town tonight !! 😉 😉


    ah that’s great news well done to all who got their results good or bad not the end of the world, but the start of something new….

    oh i remember getting the results and going out, my dh on the other hand can’t remember getting home from his leaving cert night out, but was reminded many a time by his friends, mother and bestman speech…lol…

    for all who venture out tonight please be safe, don’t be silly and look out for one another…

    i have a sad story well my brother he had a very bad experience in dublin on his result night i’m sure it’s a night he wished he could not remember…he was very badly beaten on the halpenny bridge left for dead, lost a load of teeth, smashed his jaw, and this guy is 6ft 4inches…hit from behind and beaten to a pulp i’ll never forget getting the phonecall to say he was taken to hospital….and seeing him in such a state….sad thing was his left the place before his friends, his friends walked past him unconcious bleeding etc on the bridge, thinking he was a bum, it wasn’t until they tried phoning him and then went looking for him they found him….

    it’s taken him many years to get over it and to regain his confidence…

    sorry to put a downer on it, but please i hope to hear all good reports of good fun nights out on a result night…

    again congratulations to all..the world is your oyster….

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