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    I had my girls at a few of the events last week and just have to say how great they were.

    The Hidden Room, was great, they were brought into a room that was setup with props and a fountain to appear like maybe a garden (open to interpretation). The kids then came out, and drew a picture of where being in the room, led them to imagine. My 4 and 6 yr olds loved it!

    Scribble: was a show for todlers – you’d imagine this would be a logistical nightmare having two and three yr olds sit in attention of a performance, but the kids were screaming with laughter as the girl, speaking in french and english, pottered around on stage and sketched things from her trolly.

    Graffiti Classics, was a comedic string quartet, playing classical pieces, even the kiddies would recognise, while dancing and joking about. Attendance was poor, but it would be a shame if they decided not to return. We bought their CD, and my 6yr old likes to listen to it! WOW

    Jack: was a puppet show, telling the story of Jack and the beanstalk, it was a oneman (puppeteer) show, he controlled the puppets, the lights, and played the harp and bodhran, and the kids thought it was fantastic (I enjoyed it too!)

    I highly reccommend the festival shows, and It’d be nice to see larger audiences at the performances, as they are really magical to little minds!


    How much longer is it on for? I really must go, hope I havent missed it completely?


    I think it was just for the week! But look out for it next Oct – mid-term, with all the other things going on, and halloween, I think its the perfect week to spend at home, with the family. Autumn is a great season for Nature walks too – so I plan a whole week of fun stuff for the week, and the hubbie books days off too. Its Great! No hassells or expence of travelling, and your supporting local arts! (well most performers were from UK)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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