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    Can anyone tell me if that late late toy show is on tomorrow night the 27th or next friday the 4th of December. Its always a great night here in this house. :D :D :D We have a little party. DS1 loves doing this since he was a toddler. We get minerals sweets and mammy has a break and we order in food. Although this year i might pick up something nice in lidl and it will cost half the price. What do all you do the night of the toy show??? Do you do the same????? I cant wait I love it. And I reckin Ryan Tubridy will be much better at presenting it than that Pat Kenny. (Not taking away from pat kennys presenting kills). :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


    hiya mumof2 its a big thing in are house too .iv 3 kids and they cant wait 4 it .its the start of xmas 4 them ,and the tree will go up soon .il be gettin some goody in too ..its great to see there lil faces .it was the same 4 me when i was young .i remember stayin up late to watch it .


    It’s on tonight, can’t wait.

    Tried to keep our little man up last year but he fell asleep before it started.


    hi mumof2, looking forward to it here as well, its on tonight, cant wait.

    DH is out with work, so Im looking forward to snuggling up on the couch with the kiddies, we will get loads of goodies and I might treat myself to a takeaway coz dh will be out on the razz!!

    ENJOY 🙂


    i am letting my daughter to satay up late to watch it for the first time tonight 😀


    I took my daughter to the shop and let her get some treats for tonight for us all. My 6 year old is excited, my 4 year old says she is but I think shes more excited about the treats and mu 2 year old has not got a clue but she knows something is up!

    In fairness, I’m probably more excited than the kids, big sap that I am!!!


    Have to be irish…..
    watch it for the first time last year (an irsih friend talked about it).
    Tonight, dh and I tought we’re not irish (enough).
    Then got a text from a french friend asking us to record it….
    for her irish roomate.

    Hope you all enjoy it.

    Love Ireland all year long and find Xmas really magical here, but still too french for late toy show.
    Give me 10 more years.

    Talk soon,


    Just remembered we don’t have RTE!!! Got all the other satellite channels but no Irish ones!! Was planning to watch it and get in the Christmas mood….wife swap and supernanny it is so!!! 😥


    A is up watching it, he had his bath in his pj’s eating popcorn saying "I want that" every five minutes….. god some of the kids are right pains in the arse.
    whats the little farmer kid like, with the dead spiders? 😆 😆 😆


    Don’t get it.

    Perservered a while but got sick to the back teeth of all those frightful stageschool prima donnas from D4 grinning maniacally ,as per what their overpaid never-quite-made-the-bigtime teacher pocketing all the cash the parents with more money than sense throw at her in the hope of making little Brefni a star, told them.(dreadful syntax, but I’m tired)

    Too old or too English?

    Probably both, bah humbug!

    Anyway, where’s all the cash for the stuff to come from? And were the props procured north or south?!? (or more likely as they were free, who’s taking what home?)

    My first and last Late Late Toy Show, I suspect…

    Supernanny’s great tonight btw!!!


    I hate those Stage school kids too… and the feckin Dub billy barry kids 😈 😈 😈
    ken black and smyths toys give the toys and they are sent to charities all over the country..
    maybe we watch as it relives our childhood memories


    ryan doing great with the kids, the culchie boy made me laugh so funny…

    find though that there’s not much info where to get some of the stuff….ie the misadventures of max…i found it though

    but some of the gadgets dunno where ya get them….not on rte website…unless i missed him saying it…


    no not saying it… love the negitive reader. Would it all be on sale in Smyths???

    Would love to get that book about baby Max for my little baby Max, touched a nerve


    just ordered it shhhh don’t tell dh… 😉

    the negative reader, was looking for one of them for my dad for x-mas…defo don’t have in smyths… would be interested in seeing where that was got….



Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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