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    I am neither for or against abortion, it sit on the fence as i feel its a very personal choice to make. I do believe women should have that choice, if you want one go get one, if you dont well then dont get one.

    I do feel very sad that a beautiful young woman died in an Irish Hospital while playing a waiting game for her baby to die before the doctors would deliver the baby… I know this is very upsetting for some women out there who have suffered a loss during pregnancy, but this lady was going to deliver this baby at 18 weeks, the baby had no chance at all to survive, but the mother had every chance if an operation was performed to remove the dying baby, call it what you want Abortion, D&C, Medical intervention, i dont know! But what i do know is that a young woman died from blood posion and this should not have happened in 2012!
    What about the right to life for the mother? Are the doctors that afraid to go with their medical training and do whats the best for the mother, rather then being guided by a sentence in our Constitution? The sentence dates back to the 1860’s or 70’s (give or take a few years) and a choice a doctor makes in 2012 is Governed by this stupid Constitution, the doctors are in fear of a prison sentence!
    Does one more mother have to die? We need a change in the laws we need clarity on this issue, we need to insure our doctors have every faith in the system and the choice the make is for best practice of the right of the life of the mother and the fear of crimnal proceedings against them should be removed


    I have an article in Irish Independent about this tomorrow, its shocking and so upsetting that it happened. That poor woman should not have died, simple as that. She should have been saved but with the lack of consistency in our hospitals, am not surprised it took until now to happen. Having been sent home bleeding 3 times myself, can see how the lack of attention to women miscarrying has led to this disaster.

    Very sad and I have no confidence in our government to sort it out unfortunately, they are a bunch of halfwits.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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