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    Few years ago I saw on newbridge silverware a great necklace, but then I coudln’t justify to buy it.
    Now I’m turning 40 and still think about it.
    I did contact Newbridge, I now have the name, their answer is:
    The piece that you are looking for is the N6 Goddess Neckpiece. This piece was discontinued in 2009 and we no longer have any stocks.

    Don’t even have a picture of it, if anyone can find it or a picture, I would love the info (can’t find picture online (but I’m not great at searching the internet).


    This sounds like a job for Fix it Friday on Ray D’Arcy show – they have a team who specifically answer questions like this and they are always saying ‘ they love a challenge’ so you could email them and ask for their help.

    There may be a jeweller in the country who still has it in stock and can get it to you?

    email is – add ‘Fix it Friday’ in the email title

    Best of luck!


    email sent.


    My Brother in Law is a Newbridge stockest, i will text him tomorrow and get him to check his stock or if he has any ideas, does newbridge not have a photo?

    Why not try Amazon or ebay


    To describe it, it’s like a one piece question mark, that goes open around the neck with end of question mark going down the neckline.
    Don’t even know how would it fit me as I’m not standart size. It looked great on the model.
    I’ll contact newbridge again and see if they can send me aphoto.
    Thanks all.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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