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    Hi All

    Its our last get together this year for our Parent & Toddler group on Tuesday morning in the Bagel Bar at Laurence Town Centre

    As usual there are loads of treats for Mammy’s & Daddy’s.

    We have a Mulled wine & Mince Pie Arrival
    Goodie Bags for all, full of lots of Cool things

    Santa Claus is coming to make sure all the Mammys have been behaving themselves.

    As usual free parking…………this will help with all the shopping bags

    So see you here tomorrow morning, we are all looking forward to a great day.

    Centre Operations Manager
    The Laurence Town Centre


    yipppeeeeee……here’s to 2010 another fab year in the bagel bar and laurences centre


    Yeah, thanks to you all…you’re definitely the most family friendly centre!


    Oh will we get to sit on Santas knee? God love the man if we do 😆 😉

    A huge thank you to the Bagel bar and the Laurances Centre…. only made it once but will remember to keep the first tuesday free in the new year


    Yes thanks to the Bagel Bar – annoyed we couldn’t make it this morning as we usually go but on the other hand reason we couldn’t was because baba (aged 1 tomorrow!!) slept 12 hours straight last night and wasn’t up til 10 this morning!!!! 😆 😆 😆
    First time ever !! Can’t believe it – myself and dh think all our birthdays have come at once!!! Happy birthday DS 😀 😀 😀


    What a great morning was had by all.

    Its was a wonderful turnout this morning and great to see the new and old familiar faces. I hope that you all had a great day and a big thanks to Siobhain & David from Mumstown for there wonderful support to the centre and me.

    Again I just want to thank Boots, Marks & Spencers, Esprit, Name it for all the goodie bags this morning. Thank you to Mi Casa for cooking the mince pies and warming our bellies with the mulled wine. (I was joking when I said I was up all night baking!!!!!)

    Apologies for no Alcohol in the mulled wine, its was missed by a few.

    Anyway, I wish you all once again and happy christmas and heres to meeting again in 2010.

    Warmest regards
    Susan, Centre Manager


    What a fab am!

    Terrific turnout, lovely company and wonderful goody bags.

    Thanks so much to Bagel Bar, Susan of The Laurence Centre, all goody Bag providers and of course the had-working m t team for making it all possible.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    And as it’s 1st Dec, "A Very Merry Christmas One and All" (my Tiny Tim moment!)


    Once again, Susan and all the goodie bag folks….. thanks so somuch! I don’t think it would be possible to have been any more spoilt…!
    And looking gorgeous in the red too! 😉

    And to the mumstown team of Dave and Siobhan…..
    you guys should really give yourself a pat on the back, once again you look after us so well, and give us a brilliant forum to share and bond!

    And of course, the Bagel Bar, for hosting the bedlam once a month… you guys are superb!

    Roll on 2010…. 😛



    DAVE & SIOBHAN the same for you guys…really great thanks again here’s to 2010….

    have to say Santa was brilliant great fun great laugh with the kids…..does he do parties lol…….loved the snow effect on him…..


    If it wasn’t for all you mums & dads there would be no get togethers at all – so thank you all for coming today. Glad you enjoyed it.

    It is always a pleasure to go to Laurence Town centre and Bagel Bar. Brendan & the guys are always quick with the coffees, crepes & bagels and Susan, Ciara and the rest of the team at Laurence Centre are fab!

    Thanks again to Boots, M&S, Esprit and Name it for their lovely gifts.

    No doubt I’ll run into lots of you at the Name it & Vero Moda sale tomorrow night and probably in M&S over coming days too; those deals on the body butter etc are great. I got some for my kids teachers – perfect present for that!

    I’ll also be in Boots picking up something to help me make a smokey eye – someday I’ll get it right and not end up looking like a Panda!!

    Roll on January 2010!!!!


    ah i’m jealous, sniff sniff – sounds like you all had a great time this morningand i was so looking forward to going – but just had a splitting headache and generally not felt well this morning – sure went back to bed when DS2 went for his nap – just to show how bad it was 🙁

    oh well maybe next tuesday morning i’ll be able to make!


    A huge thank you to siobhan and dave. myself and dd had a great time this morning (she completely tired herself out). i cant tell you how great it is to have somewhere to go and meet other mums for a quick chat and a coffee, and everyone is so welcomming. met lots more new faces again today and it was great to see all the old ones too. Thank you so much for creating this opportunity for us.

    also thanks to susan and all the stores who generously provided goodie bags, i really did feel spoiled comming home, sometimes us mammies forget to treat ourselves and it was great to get something nice for me!

    i’ll be shopping in the laurence centre again later in the week and will defo be heading into m&s for more festive treats and body butters too.

    great discount voucher for esprit will defo be using that, and dd loved her little teddy from name it, so thanks to you all for those again.

    ah trudy, i was looking out for you today, sorry ure still unwell, i managed to get 2 boxes of m&s biccies in my goodie bag 😳 so i’ll save one for you!


    Thank you guys… what a morning. God were we spoilt.

    Fair play the goodie bags were stunning!!!! The mince pies were stunning! could have eaten the whole tray lol.

    Susan, Siobhan and Dave well done and thanks again…… I’ll second the service in the bagel bar… roll on next month 😉


    Thank you Susan, Siobhain and Dave!!
    You really know how to look after us!
    The morning was lovely and the goody bags were great!

    Loved the mince pies and mulled wine!
    Got some of the body butters too!

    Looking forward to the next one!


    thank you to all who was involved in the parent toddler/baby group yesterday and through out the year 🙂
    one of these days i’ll actually get to sit down and drink tea or eat something at these things, ps thank you to anyone who minded my baby while i chased after the little imp and thank you to the woman who caught her for me too 😳 🙂
    loved the goodie bags too, thank you

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