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    Over the next few days, many will be getting their Christmas gocery shopping as well as a few presents, large and small. A few tips that should be kept in mind to protect your funds and your rights:

    Make a list and stick to it. Remember, the shops close for a day, in some cases two, you don’t need to stock up as if the end of the world is coming (coz obviously it didn’t!) Think back to last year and all the things that were left over or out of date a couple of weeks after Christmas. Will you really need 3 tins of biscuits?

    Stick to your budget! Will the help of Santa, you should have an idea of what the children will be getting. Don’t let clever marketing (or false shame) force you to grab an extra couple of things that wouldn’t be missed anyway!

    Keep your receipts! While you only have a statutory right to get a repair, replace or refund if something is "not of merchantable quality", that is, suitable for the purpose for which it was designed, many stores have a returns policy of about 28 days which permits you to return goods even if there is nothing wrong with them but usually this requires them to be in the original packaging. In either case, proof of purchase is required, so open a folder (or biscuit tin) and keep the receipts in it. Write on the back of the receipt what it was for in case it’s not clear.

    On a slightly different note, if you are part of the "I’ll start the diet in January" brigade, did it work last year? A few extra walks over the Christmas, using stairs instead of lifts etc. combined with not always taking the biscuit or cake that is offered can give a great feeling ofaccomplishment as you head into January :wink:

    Finally, I’d like to wish all the Mumstowners a very happy, healthy and joyful Christmas and thank you for the support and recommendations this year, without them I’d be out of business.


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