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    If you love George Michael….if you love Emma Thompson….if you love Emilia Clarke….if you love Christmas…then you’ll love this movie. Yes, its a little soppy. But so what! Christmas is all about soppiness and as a massive George Michael and Wham! fan, I blubbed my way through the end of this movie. And I mean blubbed! When we went to see it in the cinema, I balled my eyes out. Partially because its a sweet movie but mostly, because I miss George Michael so much. What a terrible terrible loss when he died. I am so lucky I got to see him play in the Point in 2004, it was one of the most special concerts I’ve ever been to. No, scrap that, it was the most incredible concert I was ever at. He sang acapella and it was goosebump inducing.

    This movie is a sweet reminder of all the beautiful songs be created that we all still love today.

    I am gonna watch this as soon as our tree goes up!!!

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