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    Most of you know that I’m french and teach it.

    Sometimes I have request from french persons (I don’t know them all personally) in France looking for an exhange with an Irish student.
    Once you’re in contact you can decide, who comes first, and dates.
    Now with msn, fb and more it’s very easy to be in contact with the family and the teenager (often teens) before the exhange and before booking any flights.

    At the moment there is a 14 year old girl I think.

    I had students in my house as host family, my point of view, is generaly they are good kids. If the parents trust them enough to send them away, you can hope that they won’t give you any troubles.
    They are few lifestyle differences, but nothing major, easy to deal with.
    For example, in France water is very expensive, and long showers or multiple baths are a luxury, but once you know.

    pm me for info.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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