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    Looks like Land of Leather will be closing.

    Personally, I will be sorry to see this as my wife and I were suing their asses over pain they caused to our daughter!

    Here is the news flash: … king37.htm


    Oh god thats terrible for you will that affectyour claim???? Someone still has to be accountable no?

    Not sorry to see the shop go it was c$%^^&&p anyway


    Good question.
    Trying to find out.

    Update: Solicitor says that as Land of Leather transferred us over to their insurers, we will still be dealing with them rather than the shop itself.

    We ourselves will not get anything (not do we want anything).
    IF there is to be an eventual amount to be paid out, it will be put away (bank account in her name) for our child who will need it anyway in the future for medical bills (she has permanent non-curable spine scoliosis).


    Ya I saw this to and you came into my mind with your daughter etc.

    God they better settle your claim quick.

    I was in the pavillion yesterday and Peter Mark is closed and Fields jewellery where having a closing down sale. Dunnes Stores in Donaghmede was completely empty no shelves or anything left up. I think Dunnes Stores are going to have a big announcement aswell soon. Very sad altogether.

    My partner will be finishing his constuction building in the next 2 weeks also. 🙁


    God HMM. can’t believe Fields is closing down!
    We were in town on Sunday and Dunnes in the town centre was closed! So will not be surprised if they do announce something.


    Would be a good time to buy a wedding ring then!

    Whats happening with Dunnes?

    Hopefully Asda is taking them over!!

    Its not bothering Margeret Heffernan she was in the Bahamas last week sunning herself . 😕 😕


    heard this myself, there is a big post on on rumours of shops closing.

    the shopping centre and west street is just a total ghost town now!!!!!!

    its sad to see these shops closing but sure what can they do in this day and age of the recession etc.

    hmm too right go and get wedding rings!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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