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    IDÔLE, the finesse of a bottle for today

    The Idôle bottle is one of the slimmest in the world to date at just 15 mm thick.

    This finesse emphasizes its rigorously geometric structure and ideal proportions. The glass surfaces are so thin that the fragrance appears to be holding itself in the palm of the hand.

    Clear and simply outlined with a golden frame, the joyfully pink Idôle bottle does not care for long speeches. At the centre of its perfectly smooth façade, is a concave little halo for ease of use.

    The architect, industrial designer and artistic director Chafik Gasmi enjoys world-renown fame built on the strength of his unique talent. With its perfect harmony, balanced proportions and sensuous concave shape, the Idôle bottle is part of a true design approach: a cross between a talisman and a jewel. A ceaselessly timeless creation designed to be able to adapt to new technologies, crafted so that it will not be necessary to dispose of it or even to replace it. An absolutely modern object.

    “While for many decades, exterior status symbols partially dictated the design of beauty objects—those created to reign in our bathrooms, to dethrone the ordinary—, in today’s world it is weightlessness and travel-friendliness that set the tone for the scale of value. This is why a fun, easy-to-handle perfume bottle that fits into the palm of the hand—that may be laid flat, slipped into a pocket, and taken along anywhere—is a companion whose extreme discretion contributes to its extreme distinctiveness.” – Chafik Gasmi

    IDÔLE, For women of a new era

    Lancôme is moving into new territory, creating tomorrow’s addiction on a register that has been little explored: “clean.” Basing its departure on a clean accord that would break with tradition, Lancôme looked at re-inventing an accord that has always been close to it’s heart, ever since it was chosen as the first symbol for the brand, the rose.

    To create a note consistent with the flower in its natural state – verdant, tender, fresh and voluptuous – two essences, rose absolute and a rose water come together to form the heart of the formula. Lightly enhanced with a touch of jasmine, this kaleidoscope of roses radiates a sparkling floral light. In the background, a trace of patchouli and an assembly of white musks compose a white chypre base that brings Idôle its full elegance.

    An new kind of musky chypre floral fragrance, Idôle is a true achievement.

    A skin scent that is both delicate and high impact, both comfortable and powerful.

    A sensation of purity; a luminous, enveloping halo. An aura of confidence and femininity to conquer the world.

    Top: Bergamot essence

    Heart: Rose essence, rose absolute and rose water, jasmine infusion and jasmine absolute

    Base: Patchouli heart essence, cedar essence, vanilla extract

    A collective creation, Idôle emerged from the combination of three talents and one love for fragrance. Benefiting from a dual culture, Shyamala Maisondieu grew up in Malaysia, before moving to Europe. With a strong attachment for nature, she struck upon the perfect proportions of the various types of roses and the jasmine to form a radiant floral heart with a natural glow.

    A true Parisian, Nadège Le Garlantezec represents France with affection for the tradition and expertise of perfumery. She performed countless tests to find the right balance between the patchouli and the musks to bring Idôle its lingering, full-bodied, bright white chypre scent.

    An American born in Colombia, Adriana Medina instantly wins people over with her sparkling, spontaneous personality. Her creative style reflects this facet, bringing immediate appeal to her fragrances. For Idôle, she crafted a beaming, playful opening allure where invigorating bergamot enhances the juicy accents of a pear note.

    These close-knit, complementary creators brought forth a universal addiction created by women, for every woman.

    A new Idôle sensation to go even further in your daily empowering routine.

    Idôle Power Mist is more than a mist: in one gesture you bring out the best in you. As you apply its invigorating and scented mist on your hair and body, it empowers you from head to toe, reminding you that you can do anything you set your mind to, strengthening your unstoppable aura.

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    A new power totem in the Idôle family. Standing strong, the Idôle iconic bottle unveils a more sensual finish for Idôle Power Mist, made of frosted glass for a unique soft touch. The upgraded spray head enables to apply with more generosity.
    A true object of desire, impactful and elegant.

    A scented mist that empowers the Idôle trail.
    With our flawless jasmine absolute, fundamental rose essence, and fresh chypre accord.
    A scented mist committed to a more conscious future, that contains sustainably sourced ingredients.








    Brown Thomas Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway and online at

    Arnotts Beauty Hall and online at

    Boots stores nationwide and online at

    And from Independent Pharmacies Nationwide – instore and online

    RRP: €41.00

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