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    Here is a link of a very clever bed (expensive, but doesn’t matter as doesn’t seams to be available here… yet) … u-plafond/

    What do you think?



    Very clever indeed – reckon it costs a fortune though! You might be better off with a pull out sofa I think!


    Anyway not available here.
    It would be for my son’s bedroom, as it’s the box roomhe has no place for playing in it and I’m fed-up with the mess in sitting room (no playroom either). So pull up sofa not pratical to do every day . As well ceiling too low for normal bunk bed with standing up space to play under and sit on the bed without touching the ceiling.
    So our best option would be to move. But I know it’s just a dream, that won’t come true. Still checking even if I don’t know a bank that will lend us money for m dream to come true.

    So I don’t see any reasonable solution for us.

    But that bed is very clever.



    I’m sure a few hundred euro and a trip to ikea would offer up loads of brill storage solutions!!!! Without having to move surely?

    They have some really clever ideas there in the "mock up’ houses .. Certainly get some inspirations I’m sure . X


    Have you looked at cabin beds? we have those and they are great space savers – … -cabin-bed

    Its a bed with an area for play underneath and a chest of drawers built into it and a pull out desk for homework.

    We are very happy with ours – works well in the room that our 8 & 6 year olds share.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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