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    Labfitness Launches Innovative New Exercise Classes
    Try Anti-Gravity Pilates,
    Aeriel Hoop
    Chair Dancing &
    WillPower & grace® Barefoot Training

    Labfitness, Ireland’s most innovative fitness studio based in Drogheda, is delighted to announce their Autumn schedule and the launch of a number of exciting new exercise classes including AntiGravity Pilates, willPower & Grace barefoot training, Aerial Hoop, Chair Dancing and 20/20/20.

    The new term starts on Monday, 3rd September and trial classes are just €5 between 27th August and 30th August.

    Laura Armada Buch and the Labfitness instructors are pioneers in fitness – they update their training regularly and are leaders when it comes to bringing the latest health and fitness programmes from around the world to Ireland. Labfitness classes include Vibe Cycle, Skinny Jeans, Solid Step, Spare Tyre Workout (using an actual spare tyre), Fitness Pilates, Pump n Lift, Zumba, Zumba Toning, Kettle Bells & Bosu, TRX, Fitness yoga and Pole Fitness.

    Laura Armada Buch believes in ‘functional’ training and exercise. “Functional fitness and functional exercise are the latest gym buzzwords. At Labfitness, we focus on building a body which is capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions, not just lifting a certain amount of weight in an idealized posture created by a gym machine.”

    Labfitness will also be running a week long Beach Bootcamp on Terminfeckin Beach from Monday 20th – Friday 24th August with morning classes from 6.30am-7.30am and evening classes from 7pm – 8pm. Beach bootcamp costs € 60 for one camp or € 100 if you would like to attend both the morning and evening boot camp.

    For more information or to book a class at Labfitness, please call Labfitness on 087-6314752 or email

    AntiGravity Pilates
    AntiGravity Pilates is the newest suspension training program from AntiGravity Fitness, creators of the revolutionary program AntiGravity® Yoga. This certified technique allows practitioners to perform Classical and Contemporary Pilates exercises from the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, and Ladder Barrel – all on the AntiGravity® Hammock! This training’s classes take core-strengthening and targeted muscle conditioning to new heights. Explore the amazing benefits that can be derived by training in the Pilates Method on the AntiGravity Hammock in combination with AntiGravity’s Zero-Compression Inversions. Those with experience on the Pilates Machines will especially appreciate the versatility of the AntiGravity Hammock!

    WillPower & grace®
    is a barefoot group exercise class which is set to revolutionise the fitness industry and Laura Armada Buch is the first and only WillPower & Grace trained instructor in Ireland. It is a barefoot, cardiovascular high-energy group exercise class that involves a formatted fusion of postures and drills. Both a foot-fitness conditioning program and a workout, it is as philosophical as it is physical. The class, set to high energy music, integrates barefoot training methods designed to strengthen feet while progressively correcting imbalances in the ankles, knees and hips.

    Barefoot training has seen a recent surge in popularity as experts recognise that supportive shoes do not allow full articulation of the feet and ankles which can lead to a loss of flexibility and mobility. The willPower & grace® programme teaches participants to stretch their toes in order to increase circulation and mobility throughout their feet and ankles. In the class, participants are taught to use their most intrinsic muscles to land on their feet gracefully; reducing pain and injuries in their feet, ankles and knees.

    Aerial Hoop
    Ever fancied joining the circus? Labfitness can bring you a step closer with their brand new AERIAL HOOP classs. Like with Pole and Antigravity Yoga aerial hoop is suspension training, allowing you to work with your own body weight. You will learn moves, tricks, routines and a fun and enjoyable way. Vanessa’s one hour aerial hoop classes which is suitable for all fitness levels includes a warm up, strength training, focusing on core and lower abs, conditioning, stretching and tricks.


    20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength, and 20 minutes of core training and flexability in one action packed class! This fast paced class at Labfitness offers you the best in weight loss and toning techniques providing great variety and a challenge that will bring you closer to your fitness goals.

    Chair Dancing
    Be prepared to never look at a simple chair in the same way again! Chair dancing is a fun and exciting way to get you moving and active. You will wiggle and strut yourself around a chairwhile building up a routine to show off at the end. Chair dancing will create a cardiovascular workout and also will use your body as a resistance to build endurance and strength in your muscles. Ready to shake, wiggle and flick your hair to fun fitness?

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