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    supposed to be going here next weekend with a gang of neighbours……just wondering if anyone has been and what it was like…….i love tapas but just wondering if they do other dishes?????…..cant see my hubby being full on tapas…….he loves his food and the more the better!!!!!


    Hi Ruby,

    I’ve heard this is lovely…and they have a sign outside that they are doing fillet steaks now so your hubby can get a dinner it would seem!

    Let us know what its like, I am interested to try it out with my hubby some night soon, babysitter dependent of course!


    Myself and Hubby went last week and it was lovely- we went for the chef’s choice between us – this is 4 different tapas dishes. they were lovely- but just one personal complaint….. we got stew as one of our 4 , and I HATE stew, I did taste it but it wasn’t for me. the rest was lovely though and we had a lovely bottle of wine with it too. over all an enjoyable experience. (you can also choose your own dishes….I think for the chef’s special)


    went there last night with my husband and 2 friends.the food was lovely but i didnt find the girl who runs it very was our first time in there so we werent sure about the menu.she was in no way helpful so we just ordered a selection of dishes and shared i said food was lovely but i wouldnt be pushed ongoing back again purely because of the lack of customer care


    Good to hear the food was good, but i would be like yourself Angelmum… i would need help on what to order! you can have the best food but if the staff arent nice it can turn you off a place


    We went last week and it was lovely. We had wine, beer, tapas and dessert and it was all delicious and the manager was really friendly to us? Maybe she was having a bad day when you guys went last week?

    Bad service would turn me off too but she was very nice when we went.

    The food was yum, would go back for that definitely!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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