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    May have covered this topic before but always good to have a reminder!

    Just a few simple tips that you should be aware of when shopping. especially for items that you will be keeping and using for a long time.

    The sale of goods and supply of services act 1980, among other things, gives you the right of redress if a product or service is not "of merchantable quality", that is, suitable for the purpose for which it was designed. This can differ from product to product but you will have a fair idea how long something should reasonably last for. For example, if a fridge stops working after 14 months, that is not acceptable. However, if a tennis racket string breaks after 9 months, it could be deemed to be acceptable wear and tear. Depending on how soon after a purchase a fault occurs, you may be entitled to either a refund, replacement or repair. A repair would be normal for something electrical after a number of months. Whereas a smartphone that’s screen keeps freezing the week you bought it, should be replaced. If the replacement is the same, demand a refund or choose another model.

    Remember, not liking a colour or style, a size being wrong, or something not "matching" what you bought it for, are NOT faults. Although many stores have additional return policies and may allow you to change or return things, these are store policies and not part of your rights!

    Warranties are a manufacturer’s extra and do not affect your statutory rights. So if a fridge comes with a 1 year warranty and stops working after 14 months, this doesnot affect your rights (despite the fact that many stores will try to tell you the warranty is up and you will have to pay for a repair!!) Your contract is with the shop you bought it in, NOT the manufacturer. A fridge stopping working after 14 months is not suitable for the purpose for which it was designed. Don’t fobbed off to the manufacturer. Deal with the shop. If they wish to deal with the manufacturer, that’s up to them!

    Hope that’s of some help! :wink:

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