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    I need to get some post baby knickers that hold me in and cover all my bumps & lumps, without cutting off the circulation to my waist & legs!

    They need to be stretchy, comfy and not roll down when I bend over (as happened to me the other night, much to my disdain and much to my husbands amusement!!)

    I used to get Playtex ones that gave me a great shape but cannot find them anymore so looking for suggestions from the people who know best – mammies!!!



    Ha! Good luck with finding the Holy Grail!!

    But here is my contribution…. Basic background: body description 5’2" ‘cuddly’ size 10 post-baby. (ie still trying to shed 12 lbs & wobbly belly, thights, butt)

    Believe it or not Lidl did ‘hold-em-in’ knickers a while back in white & black (bicycle short one & big ‘over-the-belly-button’ ones) & they were supper comfortable & very reasonably priced – maybe not industrial strength, but not bad at all.

    Found flexees wild uncomfortabe & I found they rolled.
    Spanx (via figleaves) are comfy – once you get them on
    Figleaves own shaper underwear isn’t bad either

    On the subject of the post-baby belly: over the last few months I nearly lost my life trying to find trousers that were not hipsters. Hipsters may be fashionable, but they are definitely not good with a post-baby belly!!!!!!! Terrible for the morale to see it all hang out. Much better to be slightly less ‘hip’ but not frightened when you look down. Also good to find tops that flatter that area until the 6 pack re-established 😉 .

    So, could I recommend the trousers & tops in Gerard’s (opposite Boots in the Marshes)? Helpful staff – they actually ask if they can be of assistance, spacious dressing rooms, plenty of space on the shop floor for a buggy. Admittedly, it mightn’t grab you from the outside – I kinda thought it would be where my mum would shop – but the very reasonably priced clothes are cut to flatter the imperfect figure. Lots of trousers with a slighly higher waistband & a variety of lengths, & lots of slighter longer, looser tops that are actually a lot more flattering on than you’d expect. Also tend to display matching items together – God send when in a rush. Think they trade as Vogue in the north & was told by someone that they have a website. If the belly is a bit wobbly, you should grab a stack & head to the dressing room. One of thegirls there was like a personal shopper – everytime I wanted a matching top or to get my hubby’s attention,off she trotted…. And she remembered my name & our discussion about kids when I came back…. Now that is customer service


    Hi Mammamia Irelands leading online maternity store have Carriwell post birth seamless underwear for €14.99 specifically designed support the areas that need support post birth and give a smooth contour. So comfy too! Check them out at


    Ar there any pairs of knickers that are good that cover baby fat and dont give wegie up the bum.

    i usually buy pennys ones but they are not great. are there any other good ones that last well and cover up and look nice. i dont mind paying bit more if theyre good and last well

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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