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    we found a beautiful grey & white tiny kitten today along the dublin road opposite Deep Forde…he was at bus stop as if he was waiting for the next bus …bless him…

    my cat loving friend Fabienne has taken him in for a couple of days but we will have to ask Drogheda animal rescue to take him after that as Fabs wont be able to keep him…

    so if you know of anyone who has lost a tiny kitten around that area of if u would be interested in offering him a new home please pm me or Fabienne.

    Many thanks

    Moonflower xxx

    Ps .Drogheda Animal Rescue still have their cat rehoming day on saturdays…check out their website for time & place…


    Hi moonflower,

    I would love to keep a kitten but dh dont allow and my two dogs at home…
    the kitten is very lucky to be founded hope it will get a good home soon:)


    Dh is already taking pictures of kitten, if we find a solution as we’re going away next week for a week. Unless he belongs to someone, will keep him. Tomorow job will be to name him (he could be a she, to small to know, the shhhhhhh like a grizzly doesn’t help to look).
    Our cat is scared of him but share food and all….

    I prefer dogs but dd and dh are cat persons, and house too small for dog.
    And Moonflower doesn’t want to give me J 🙂

    We already lost him somewhere in the house,
    dh walking on his hands and knees to find him….

    Me I just wait, he’ll come out from his place for food, sooner or later.

    Take care all.


    😆 🙂


    The Kitten is a baby girl.
    Still don’t know what will do for next week, but hope to find a solution in a day or 2.
    She’s not hissing at us anymore.
    She’s getting used to the kids.
    The only one who’s adjusting very slowly is our cat Fluffy who a bit scared of that tiny fur ball. But he’s ok.
    Not saying names but my friend an real animal lover (she even is a foster home for the drogheda animal rescue on top of her own pets and family) was not better with the fur ball, scared to death (only exagerating) but took care of her when needed. But didn’t see her holding her, a bit like me with new born (human) babies (was able to hlod my onw scare to death (still) when it’s a friend baby, I usually refuse unless I have no choice). I know mum of 2/3 and can’t hold a baby….



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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