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    When HMM asked us for some advice on paint to makeover her kitchen, we recommended she go to Murtaghs of Drogheda because we knew they would look after her. Sure enough, she needed quite alot of help and advice and we are happy to report that Barry and the staff were patient, helpful and friendly with her throughout the whole process.

    She even went back to them a few times to lighten the shade of the paint she picked and they were happy to brighten it up for her, at no extra charge!

    Its customer service like this that makes us recommend Murtaghs for home decor, painting etc. You just wouldn’t get that level of service in one of the big homeware stores.

    And here is the end result of all HMM’s hard work (and her hubby too of course!)




    That looks like a whole new kitchen. we did something similar last year – we painted our boring wooden kitchen presses in a cream colour and its changed the whole kitchen completely.

    its so much brighter and lighter. well done hmm, great job.

    the paint colour is gorgeous and looks really professional.

    did it cost alot?


    That’s so nice? Where is Murtaghs?


    They are just off Trinity St in Drogheda and here is their website –

    HTH 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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