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    Hi there,

    I have two kids who have birthdays 6 days apart. This year, they both want a party with their friends. Last year I did Funtasia for the 5yr old but I cannot possibly do that for both of them.

    Anyhow, the local GAA hall hires out for kids parties for 50 euro. So was thinking of having one huge party. Does anyone have any idea of the going rate for a face painter or clown or magician? Also, is there anyone that you could recommend?



    Scole is on Mumstown and she is a fabulous face painter, you could ask her? You could send her a PM and see if she is still doing it.

    Jo-Anne from Erin crafts is great too, always getting great feedback about her.

    You could learn a bit of face painting yourself – I have done this many times at my kids parties and to be honest, I was winging it when I first started but am not half bad now! Butterflies,pirates, tigers, witches and princesses are all quite easy to do. Just google it for suggestions.

    You can play all the usual games of musical chairs, musical statues and have a dance off (girls v’s boys) that kind of thing. All you need is some CD’s they like – Taylor Swift, One Direction and The Wanted are all very popular in our house at the moment.

    Hope some of that helps,

    Best of luck!!


    Thanks Sabbi. I was looking at the kits and thinking about trying it myself but it really depends on how many kids I end up with – cos need to feed and entertain as well.

    What do Erins crafts do?


    Oh if its a big party i wouldnt do it yourself, you would be run ragged!

    Scole is brilliant at face painting.

    I dont know what Jo in Erin Crafts does at a party, but i have seen loads of photos on facebook and they all look like fab parties


    think alot of the entertainers work out about € 150 – some offer a discount if you will take a trainee rather than one of their main staff. Most offer different types of parties – i looked into it 1.5yr for dd’s 5th party but in the end my sister organised a few party games but it was only a small house party. Think if i was having a big party like yours i would get an Entertainer alright – some of them include the face painting too.

    Enjoy the party – my dd2 is 4 in June and has us driven mental since late October about her party -she has a list as long as both arms of who’s going and what we need – she asked for fireworks last night – i swear i hope to god she’s not going to be disapointed when it eventually comes around 😆 😆 😆

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