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    No wonder we have a reputation around the world as a bunch of alcoholics when you read something like this. :oops:

    So, the locals in Kerry have voted in favour of requesting legislation to allow local, rural drivers to have 2-3 drinks and then drive home from the pub because, so help them, they have no other way of getting out for a drink. Is this for real? Can they not get a minibus to take them all in and home? That would create a job for someone, keeps costs low if it was shared between a good few locals and would most likey cut down on the chance of someone being killed, either a drunk driver or a pedestrian.

    And is the pub the only activity available in Kerry? Last I heard they had cinemas, theatres and all sorts of activities going on down there!!

    And if this was allowed, you can be sure, 2-3 drinks would very quickly turn into 4-5 drinks. We are not the best nation for going slow when drinking; we are very much the ‘give and inch, take a mile’ type when it comes to drink.

    How many times have we all said, ‘ah sure, I’ll stay for the one drink’ and fell out of the place in a merry state several hours later? There is nothing wrong with that as long as you are NOT DRIVING HOME!!!

    So if I, living in Meath, decide to go to the pub and drive home on a rural road after 2-3 drinks and get stopped, I would be prosecuted (and rightly so) but some people in Kerry may get ‘special permission’ to do this and not get prosecuted? is this a joke???

    What if they knock someone over? can they claim diminished capacity because the ‘law’ gave them special permission to drive while under the influence. So in theory, they could sue to the government for allowing them to drive under the influence in the first place. And in Ireland nowadays, this could happen. If we can sue cigarette companies, we could sue for this….

    Thats if this legislation gets passed, which, I don’t think can happen

    Can it???


    This is shocking, i thought it was a joke!

    Well for the bloody farmers who go for their "few" pints on a Tuesday or Wednesday, most of us cant even go for a pint at the weekend….


    Next thing you know, bad parents will be asking can they leave their kids at home unattended and alone so they can go for a few pints because they cannot afford a babysitter – and of course, they would be driving home too. 🙄 🙄

    This has made news all over the world, its so embarrassing. I used to work in USA alot and they have an awful image of us as a nation of drinkers and stories like this just make it much worse for our international reputation. Its a flipping disgrace.

    Can someone not put a gag on Danny Healy Rae?? The man has no brains but a bloody huge gob!!! 😈



    Words fail me…


    i really thought this was a joke – it had to be right!!!!!!!!
    total shambles tis no wonder the country is in the state it is – really can’t people think this is "ok" 😡


    Has nobody on Kerry County Councils life been affected by drink drivers causing crashes,injurys & deaths??….this is insane.It cant possibly get further approval up the ranks.its an insult to anybody who has lost someone they love due to the negligence of a drunk driver. 👿 disgraceful that these types of people were voted into power.


    And the worst thing about this so called ‘issue’ is that the money from the household charge pays for theseidiots in the council to spend time thinking up hair-brained ideas like this one.

    Do they really think this is a good use of time and resources? There are students who have not yet been grants they should have received last September but this is what the council are spending their money on. Its a total disgrace.

    another example of money well spent in Ireland – er, not!!! 👿

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