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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if you have ideas of what to include?

    Never heard of this tradition until recently, i know my mother never did it.

    You all probably had keepsake boxes for your kids from when they were born but i am only putting one together now as he approaches one. I have a lovely wooden treaure chest.

    I do have the newspaper form his birth date, his hospital braclet & his name card that was on his incubator. Plus someone gave me a set of 2007 coins, so i will put them in.

    Also plan to include:
    – the no.1 single in the charts form the day he was born (don’t know what it is yet)
    – A copy of his personalised thank you card, chritmas card & 1st birthday invitation – they all have his photo on them.
    – Apart from his First tooth & hair cut, i can’t think of anything else???

    Any ideas?

    Don’t want to keep too much, maybe i have enough. What do you think?

    Just don’t want him to be older & everyone else is talking about their keepsake box & he doesn’t have one, he might think that we didn’t care enough!!!


    well i don’t really have a proper keep sake box but have loads of stuff that have kept from ds…..i have framed his first drawing and his first painting dated……hanging in his playroom….i have taken photos of him on special ocassions and yeah i know nuts but his first poo in his potty, i know mad but hey it was his very first one…
    i have his letters from santa. i have his flight tickets from his first proper flight (i think have them from his first ever flight he’s only ever flown twice) i have a book about planes and taking a flight going to put his photo in with the photo of the plane his ticket etc….first trip on a boat too photos and tickets…..there’s so much, first day at playschool first painting at playschool (which was only a few weeks ago) …..his first party bag & invite to a kids party…..flaming nora’s i have everything….

    a good idea a friend of mine gave me was to take a photo of the child with all their artwork even do it yearly, then choose a few for scrapbooking and place the photo in with it as it’s not possible to keep everything……

    i have the balloons cards etc from when he was born and his first birthday…..i’ve kept nearly all his clothes for the next one when that comes and hopefully a boy if not i’ll have to go through it…..his first walking shoes i’m planning on getting bronzed….

    but gosh you can put anything in you want as much or as little…….be nice too to take their handprint / footprint every year to see how big it’s got each year…..


    Thanks for some great idea.

    Might give keeping the poo a miss though, no offence.

    My ds hasn’t reached some of those milestones yet, so i suppose that i’m not starting too late.

    I can’t believe that i didn’t think to keep his first flight tickets. He is a lucky boy, he has two holidays abroad already & is not even one yet!!

    By the way have you seen this website ?

    It is a great site & a lovely present for someone special.


    i have a little box with the things you’ve mentioned such as tags, i have a baby book too that i have filled in – with tickets from first boat trip/flight pictures of first xmas etc. I have 2 photo albums that are hers! have a general family one but one specific to her. Also have a folder that i put things from creche in, photos they’ve sent home, the first newsletter which welcomes her to creche etc etc.
    my brother in law bought me all the newspapers the day she was born and they bought me the number 1 song (never heard of it but hey). Have the balloon dh bought in the hospital.
    Oh my dd was 9lb born so only had a handfull of newborn clothes – have kept them all and intend to give them when she’s older for her dolls.
    god i have lots haven’t I – god i’ll have my work cut out if i have a second child to do all the same for them 😆 😆


    seesh i have loads!!!!
    have the baby book and its all filled in, with his hospital tag, his belly button cord thingy (its washed ) firsst hair from first hair cut, my hospital appointment card, the tag from the crib, his first babygro he wore when born, his first doody(dummy, whatever u want to call it) first little adida runners, first gift from his now deceased great nanny, first shoes, first drawing and handprints from playschool, all his school books, his first school shirt, also plane tickets from first hol(also have his passport stamped) first tooth, first everton jersey, first teddy, a £1 coin someone gave him on the day he was born with 2001 on it. s club dont stop moving was no 1, no point in having that single hahaha.
    think thats enough for now 🙂

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