Kate Middleton is having a baby – or two!!

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    Poor Kate Middleton, no one likes to be ‘outed’ about being pregnant before they are ready to tell but she had to come clean as she has been admitted to hospital due to severe morning sickness. So everyone knows she is pregnant and she will be scrutinized for the next 7 months…

    I know a few girls who had sever morning sickness and it was terrible for them – they had to be hospitalzsed and have a drip put in to them because they could not keep any food down and were dehydrated.

    My morning sickness was awful on my first baby and I lost half a stone in the first trimester (in fairness, once the sickness eased, I piled that back on and more than I should have!) so I know how awful it can be but sounds like she has it really bad.

    Anyway, I hope she’ll be alright and it will pass soon and she can get on with being a fashionable mum-to-be – I’d say Maternity designers are clambering to get her into their yummy mummy to be clothes!


    I know a few girls who suffered for the whole pregnancy, i was very lucky, i never got sick once or never even felt sick!

    I really hope they are happy and the press leave them alone. I say she will look fantastic pregnant, a few oz on her skinny bones would suit her. One baby or Two, one thing for sure it will be a very good looking baby


    God i feel for her.

    I ended up in hospital on a drip for a while on my second pregnancy. I was sick for the almost the whole pregnancy, it was awful. It wans’t morning sickness, it was morning, noon & night sickness. The pregnancy dragged.

    On my first i flew through it, well i thought i had morning sickness but really didnt know the meaning of the word (although did get sick on the street one day but thats another story) & couldnt understand people complaining about being pregnant, i always thought that they were ungrateful b*tches & if they had gone through what id gone through to get pregnant that they would never complain.

    Anyway i was eating my words the second time around, i was sooooooooo sick & completely miserable.

    Its actually done lasting damage, its true what they say, the baby takes all the good from you & you are left with nothing. I was so run down. Sure i lived on toast for the nine months. I have lost three teeth since having my daughter & my hair is in shit. I use to be always told i had great condition hair but its all gone now. It really aged me.

    Anyway, i wouldnt change it, love her too bits.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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