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    Hi Ladies, Just signed up to mumstown. Another sahm here, origionally from dublin (tallafornia) now living in meath!

    Edited to add: just have mentioned, mammy to 2 girls 3 + 1


    hi mammyd, welcome to MT, u’ll enjoy it here!


    welcome, enjoy!


    HI there!

    Enjoy chatting with everyone… its really a great site to get to know some new friends!


    Welcome to MT!!


    welcome to mumstown hope you enjoy it here, how long you become a dulchie lol (a dublin culchie) i moved from dublin nearly 6 yrs now…but still i suppose a blow in lol…. welcome anyway enjoy


    Thanks ladies. Moved 6 years ago this month, scary – i’m getting so old! LOL the 2 girls dont help the age! Only found this site from seeing Operation Transformation, good job girls, hope it’s not too hard and you all do great.


    Hi Mammyd,

    If you fancy getting out and having a coffee with us, we get together in Drogheda, Bettystown, Dundalk, Carlow and soon other get togethers will be cropping up. The next events near you are:

    Disco Roller skating Monday night, Funtasia Drogheda 8pm (5 euro Mumstown members, 7 euro normally). Great workout, great laugh and child free time!

    Parent & baby swim, Bettystown Court Hotel every Friday. Swim at 10am, (5 euro) coffee/scones etc at 11am (2.95). You can come for both or one. Lots of mums come to chat when older kids in school too.

    Then we meet Bagel bar Drogheda Feb 2nd, 10am, free parking, free nibbles etc

    Then we meet bagel bar dundalk, Marshes shopping centre, Feb 4th, free nibbles etc and a 2 storey penneys to enjoy!!!

    Hope you enjoy the chatting and maybe some get togethers too!


    mammyd such a small world, imagine all those years ago scouts drinks…lol…and here you are on mumstown…..great to hear from ya been yonks must arrange a catch up…..


    Sounds lovely girls, will defo think about it. My LO 3 will think shes died and gone to heaven if we start heading to the beach aka bettystown. Ment to try heading that direction last summer during the weeks but with the new littleone it was more than i was able for, now pushing a year on both girls are now needing much more entertainment and less sleep time so will keep an eye out.
    Thanks ladies

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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