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    i just had my pregnancy confirmed yesterday evening. I am thinking about going to OLOL Drogheda as we now live in ratoath and Holles street is a bit of a treck.

    I went to holles street semi private and really liked it , I was thinking of going private this time but my husband thinks it is a bit of a waste of money as both other pregnancy have been done semi private but I was told by the doctor that you can only do public or going privately to a consultant .

    Sorry i know noone who has gone to drogheda so feeling a bit confused .


    Congratulations Fairies!
    I am no expert on OLOL .. but I know there are a few on here!
    Try to contact AIMS IRELAND or JENE.
    Also the Babysteps classes are conducted by a midwife at OLOL. She may be able to help.
    Good luck!


    Congratulations Fairies! When are you due?
    I attended OLOL 3 1/2 years ago when I had DD – I went private, attending Dr. Milner’s clinic – and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! My friend attend the MLU, Midwife Led Unit (you are public, but its like private care I think…) and found that great – its an option I would consider next time.
    Best of Luck!


    congratulations 😀


    Oh congrats
    Yes its either public or private in drogheda, but the public isnt like going public in the city. A public ward in Drog has 4 or 6 beds as dublin some hospitals have 12 to 14 beds or more if busy.
    I went public in Drogheda 2.5 years ago and couldnt recommened them highly enought, as Yvonne said the MLU is fantastic, they even have birthing pools in your room, its a public system but you stay in the room you give birth in, so its more like private conditions


    the mlu sounds great, do i ring the hospital to get but on that .

    when i went semi private in holles street there were 6 in my room. and was in a public ward on DS1 and there were 12 of use in one room, just a nightmare.

    I am due 11 september. My sister had a baby boy this morning , I have not told anyone yet as hoping to wait the 12 weeks.

    thanks for all the info Like the sounds of MLU . Do i ring OLOL to get on it or how do i go about it.


    Congrats fairies! I had ds in the MLU just over a year ago and it was an experience second to none! I too can’t recommend it highly enough. Just be warned that it does take a bit of luck to get in so try not to get your heart set on it (I’ll hold thumbs for you thou’!)

    At your first appointment at OLOL they will run through the program with you, there are things to consider like the fact they you can’t have an epidural there etc. They will give you time to think about it and then they assess you. If you are keen to go for it and are deemed low risk (I had a few minor complications with dd but was still considered low risk so I couldn’t tell you what they are looking for), they call you hospital number through and sadly, it is then completely random. They accept 1 in 3 women based on a random computer selection of hospital numbers.

    I don’t know if it has changed over the past year but this is how it was done when I was there. Let us know how you get on. Good luck 😀


    as long as you had no problems in you last pregnancys and aren’t having problems on this pregnancy you should get into the mlu this time its not luck of the draw to get into now
    i was in it on my last pregnacy but i got taken out of it because my iron level was down too much
    the public clinic in OLOL is mostly waiting around and the doctors don’t seem too care aboutpeople who aren’t paying them…(maybe thats just my experience) but the midwives and nurses are great
    good luck and congratulations


    Thats right the MLU isnt a lottery anymore, anyone who wants to go for it can. That was just a study being done in Trinity collage to see if it would but make countrywide.

    So Public in drocheda (4 to 6 beds) is like semi private in dublin hospitals, my sil was in the coombe she was private but couldnt get a private bed or semi for that matter, she was in a ward with 24 beds 😯 (2 beds per curtain IYKWIM) she kick up and was moved to ward with 12 or 14 beds 😯 😯 😯

    I never had a long wait in the public clinic, I would go for an early morning appointment 8am or 9am and would be out of the hospital before 10 or 11am


    You cannot use the birthing pools in the MLU anymore at the moment… it is definitely a great service and the rooms are lovely and big and private! Not sure if I would get onto it though as I had diabetes when I was pregnant with DD…. was induced and ended up with a section… but will enquire anyway when I have to! 😆

    Taylor – can’t believe that there could be 12 or 14 beds in a public ward in Dublin! 😯


    Yvonne the coombe can have up to 24 beds when busy ❗ My sil said there were 24 beds when she was there. I couldnt get my head around this, she said there were 12 curtains and there were 2 beds to a curtain, so you never had privacy :shock:

    I think you can use the birthing pools for labour but you cant give birth in the pool, it has something to do with the death of a baby in Cavan. They did get the all clear to allowing woman give birth in the pools again but they are waiting for the full results or either the inquest or an internial enquiry.


    thanks ladies,

    i am going to get onto them in the morning. thanks for all the help really appreicated.


    Hi fairies
    Im 27 weeks and im attending OLOL public. I find them grand no complaints they do exactly as it says on the tin basically. I had my daughter there 4 years ago and it was a great first experience and there was only three in the room! Not like Dublin at all!Best of luck with your pregnancy hun Im not the mother of all knowledge but if you have any questions feel free to ask 😀


    what are the waiting times for the appointments, I will have to get someone for mind DS2 for me when i have appointments and just thinking if i went private that i would be quicker.


    Yes you would be seen if you went private. Its long enough usually when you are 14/15 weeks. If you have the money go for private, but if you are only going to go private because you feel its for better care then i think unless you have suffered in your last pregnancys or had a MC then go public and save the money for a nice holiday after babs is born. 😀

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